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gisupc commented May 18, 2012

I use mapnik2 under windows,when i use the style

ShieldSymbolizer base="E:\test" file ="test.png"
ShieldSymbolizer base="E:/test" file ="test.png"

i get the error

WARNING Marker does not exist

and the map does not show the marker
but ShieldSymbolizer file ="E:\test\test.png" the result is right


Interesting, thanks for the report.

gisupc commented May 21, 2012

by the way, i used windows 7


Looking into the code, I guess you should define a filesource in <Map>

<FileSource name="images">E:/test</FileSource>

(I suppose current win understand forward slashes too) and then use

<ShieldSymbolizer base="images" file="test.png">

(and it kind of makes sense, would be useless to have actual path in base, this way you can take images from another place by changing just the FileSource)

Note: didn't find it documented, so there certainly is space for improvement ;)

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