support offset in text, shield, and pattern symbolizers #1241

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springmeyer commented Jun 4, 2012

LineSymbolizer in Mapnik 2.1 now supports the offset parameter to do parallel lines. But other symbolizers need support added as well (like Text).

JDeuce commented Jul 13, 2012

This would be nice for ShieldSymbolizers as well. For example, to draw shields offset from road segments.


springmeyer commented Jul 16, 2012

Since this offsetting is a very new feature and the algorithm may need adjustments, I think we should stick to releasing Mapnik 2.1 with support only on the line symbolizer. Then, after some time in the wild, we can look to expose this for other symbolizers - notably, text/shields/line patterns.

So, pushing off from the 2.1 milestone for now.


herm commented Aug 26, 2012

Done for TextSymbolizer in harfbuzz branch. Refs # 1428.


PetrDlouhy commented Sep 12, 2012


I made patch, which anables offset for LinePatternSymbolizer. See 607727b


springmeyer commented Oct 4, 2012

@PetrDlouhy - thanks for the patch! Ideally if you think it is ready, then create a pull request.

This would be great for MarkerSymbolizer too.


springmeyer commented Dec 11, 2013

@gravitystorm - adding offsets to markers would be very easy - and could happen well before text. If this is important want to create a new ticket for that?


springmeyer commented Sep 6, 2014

offset is now supported in all symbolizers however it is still called dx, and dy in text/shields.

springmeyer closed this Sep 6, 2014

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