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New ShieldSymbolizer boolean 'shield-overlap' parameter #1322

Andrey-VI opened this Issue · 7 comments

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Want to use ShieldSymbolizer to draw cities with labels using placement-finder algorithm, but have one problem. If cities points is overlapping, when one of the city is completely missing (no point and no text). So needed a "shield-overlap" parameter (true/false) to prevent this behavior. And if no place for one of the city's label found we don't put corresponding city's point.

Current 'allow-overlap' parameter leads to overlapping not only shields but corresponding text. So another way — preventing text overlapping when "allow-overlap='true'" and allowing shields overlapping only.

One example: two capitals — Kinshasa and Brazzaville. If you look at Google Maps or Bing Maps you'll see that on zooms 1—7 only Kinshasa there (due to it's population). But with overlapping cities points we can put both capitals (points with labels) on the map.


See also #1338, which looks like it provides another viable solution for this issue of ensuring groups of symbolizers (say a point and text) are placed together.


It's not clear for me now that this GroupSymbolizer provides same functionality that ShieldSymbolizer does.

Anyway, I think that we need ShieldSymbolizer to be more flexible when dealing with points/text overlapping.


Some examples:
1. Brazzaville + Kinshasa
Alt text
2. Detroit + Windsor
Alt text


is it possible to implement this in the harfbuzz branch?


Sorry, I somehow didn't see your first comment. Yes it should be possible to implement this.

@herm herm was assigned

OK. Great!
Will be a good feature for a planned 3.xx version.

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