In python, import mapnik causes other gdal WriteArray operation to fail. #1380

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It's a very strange bug.
I have an app and at some point I use gdal to write an array to dataset:


if in any part of the app I 'import mapnik' I get the error:

ERROR 5: Access window out of range in RasterIO(). Requested
(0,0) of size 126x66 on raster of 0x1.

if I remove 'import mapnik', everithing works fine.

Do you have any clue on what the problem is, or a possible solution?


springmeyer commented Aug 13, 2012

Sounds very odd. Thanks for the report @pablotcarreira. Can you post your script so I can try to replicate here? Ideally reduce the code to the bare minimal in which you see the error.

  • Can't reproduce -
    I'm working again with Gdal an Mapnik in the same code, (and it includes the "writearray") and the problem is not happening anymore.

Finally I have a general clue on what was the problem, on Ubuntu 12.04 when you install mapnik through apt-get it installs gdallib 1.7 but my project uses gdal 1.9, somehow the mixture of both when importing causes the error. I was able to reproduce that when I installed in a machine with Ubuntu 12.04. Then I upgraded to 13.1 and both mapnik and my project used gdal 1.9 and that worked.

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