Marker rendering broken with 'placement:point' on line geometries #1425

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This blows apart because our label_position::centroid algorithm does not work for lines. This is the same regression as reported in #1350 for shields (see also #740). Except it is more problematic: the vertex_converters template usage prevents the ability to know the type of the geometry at, which makes implementing the same fix from #1350 impossible.

Obviously the geometry type could change after processing by the converters, so trying to pass through the original geometry type is not a perfect solution.


Assuming 2 points, the while loop in centroid() runs exactly once, with:

=> dx0 == dy0 == 0
=> ai == 0
=> atmp == xtmp == ytmp == 0
which in the end returns the second point

How about this?

if (count <= 2) { // will also do the same as before for (count == 1)
    x = (start_x + x0) * 0.5;
    y = (start_y + y0) * 0.5;
    return true;

@lightmare looks good to me, but I'm noticing it breaks a dozen or so of the visual tests. /cc @herm


ah, sorry, no just 4 tests:

Visual text rendering summary: Failed: 52 different pixels:
        /tmp/mapnik-visual-images/lines-shield-800-agg.png (actual)
        tests/visual_tests/images/lines-shield-800-reference.png (expected)
Failed: 52 different pixels:
        /tmp/mapnik-visual-images/lines-shield-600-agg.png (actual)
        tests/visual_tests/images/lines-shield-600-reference.png (expected)
Failed: 52 different pixels:
        /tmp/mapnik-visual-images/lines-shield-400-agg.png (actual)
        tests/visual_tests/images/lines-shield-400-reference.png (expected)
Failed: 79 different pixels:
        /tmp/mapnik-visual-images/lines-shield-200-agg.png (actual)
        tests/visual_tests/images/lines-shield-200-reference.png (expected)
@springmeyer springmeyer pushed a commit that referenced this issue Aug 22, 2012
Dane Springmeyer start a label algorithm c++ test - refs #1425 da1f126
strk commented Dec 21, 2012

I think this was fixed by 3e938cb right ?


yes, exactly, thanks @strk - closing - refs #1604, #1350, #1607 and #1625

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