Improve error/warning output when loading XML #1441

springmeyer opened this Issue Aug 23, 2012 · 1 comment

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In Mapnik 2.1 @herm vastly improved the XML error output. Currently we get something like:

RuntimeError: map.xml line 13 in node MarkersSymbolizer: marker-file could not be found: '...' in MarkersSymbolizer in style '1'

We can improve this:

  • Actual error should be first, meta info after
  • We should avoid the duplication of MarkersSymbolizer
  • We should quote the map.xml to enhance readibility
Mapnik member

now will get something like:

RuntimeError: Failed to parse transform: 'scale(foo foo foo)' in style '1' in MarkersSymbolizer at line 13 of 'tests/data/good_maps/markers_symbolizer_lines_file.xml'
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