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Tests in demo/test don't work #1460

herm opened this Issue Sep 3, 2012 · 4 comments

4 participants

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herm commented Sep 3, 2012

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 47, in <module>
text_symbolizer = TextSymbolizer('NAME', 'DejaVu Sans Book', 10, Color('black'))
Boost.Python.ArgumentError: Python argument types in
TextSymbolizer.__init__(TextSymbolizer, str, str, int, Color)
did not match C++ signature:
__init__(_object*, boost::shared_ptr<boost::variant<mapnik::value_adl_barrier::value, mapnik::attribute, mapnik::geometry_type_attribute, boost::recursive_wrapper<mapnik::unary_node<mapnik::tags::negate> >, boost::recursive_wrapper<mapnik::binary_node<mapnik::tags::plus> >, boost::recursive_wrapper<mapnik::binary_node<mapnik::tags::minus> >, boost::recursive_wrapper<mapnik::binary_node<mapnik::tags::mult> >, boost::recursive_wrapper<mapnik::binary_node<mapnik::tags::div> >, boost::recursive_wrapper<mapnik::binary_node<mapnik::tags::mod> >, boost::recursive_wrapper<mapnik::binary_node<mapnik::tags::less> >, boost::recursive_wrapper<mapnik::binary_node<mapnik::tags::less_equal> >, boost::recursive_wrapper<mapnik::binary_node<mapnik::tags::greater> >, boost::recursive_wrapper<mapnik::binary_node<mapnik::tags::greater_equal> >, boost::recursive_wrapper<mapnik::binary_node<mapnik::tags::equal_to> >, boost::recursive_wrapper<mapnik::binary_node<mapnik::tags::not_equal_to> >, boost::recursive_wrapper<mapnik::unary_node<mapnik::tags::logical_not> >, boost::recursive_wrapper<mapnik::binary_node<mapnik::tags::logical_and> >, boost::recursive_wrapper<mapnik::binary_node<mapnik::tags::logical_or> >, boost::recursive_wrapper<mapnik::regex_match_node>, boost::recursive_wrapper<mapnik::regex_replace_node> > >, std::string, unsigned int, mapnik::color)

The same thing happens for all other tests. They seem to be terribly outdated.

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rundel commented Sep 3, 2012

I saw similar errors when I was playing with the constness of the contents of expression_ptr and path_expression_ptr (See bd5df80). Comments in #1450 have an example of the error I was seeing when running make test.

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yes, I think they were originally written by a developer who was an earlier contributor, but not longer is around. Was pretty easy to update in 28063e2. I'll leave open until I can convert them into the structure for the main tests.

strk commented Dec 21, 2012

should this be postponed to 2.2.0 ?

Mapnik member

yep, assigned to 2.2, thx

@springmeyer springmeyer was assigned May 9, 2013
@PetrDlouhy PetrDlouhy added a commit to PetrDlouhy/mapnik that referenced this issue Aug 22, 2013
@springmeyer springmeyer convert old tests into proper python tests - closes #1460 623dfcb
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