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Feature suggestion: Tapered polylines #1495

gmaclennan opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Would it be possible to implement tapered polylines for river and stream representation?

This would involve a few challenges:

It would require that the input data is digitized in the same direction (i.e. all streams are drawn in the direction of river flow, or all against river flow).

River networks that have many segments might also cause problems (we would only want to taper the streams at the ends of the branches of the network).

Ideally a taper option would be applied to a fixed distance along a polyline, from a start width (0 or user selectable) to the line width.

Would this be useful to anybody else?


Would be very cool. Will take some serious research to figure out the graphics approach. Thanks for the ticket.


Tapered lines would be really nice. Here is an example of how the results would look like:

Tapered Rivers


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