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visual test failures on osx with g++ with shield rendering #1521

springmeyer opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Compiled on osx 10.7 for the first time in a while with g++. Seeing some curious failures that do not happen with clang++ (and I've not seen on linux with g++):

1) 452 different pixels:
    /tmp/mapnik-visual-images/lines-shield-600-agg.png (actual)
    tests/visual_tests/images/lines-shield-600-reference.png (expected)
2) 302 different pixels:
    /tmp/mapnik-visual-images/lines-shield-400-agg.png (actual)
    tests/visual_tests/images/lines-shield-400-reference.png (expected)
3) 179 different pixels:
    /tmp/mapnik-visual-images/lines-shield-200-agg.png (actual)
    tests/visual_tests/images/lines-shield-200-reference.png (expected)


this data is osm data so I presume some bug in the osm.input plugin is manifesting differently in different compilers. @herm - what about moving all visual tests to use a more robust plugin? Like sqlite, csv, ogr, or geojson?


If it is a problem with the OSM plugin we should fix the plugin. I already fixed many errors in it.

It also could be a rounding error. Could you please add a DebugSymbolizer to this stylesheet and mail me the result?


On Debian/g++ I only have 8 failures in tiff-* tests; all lines-* are ok. Test styles lines-[123].xml use the same file lines.osm, do you have failures in these, too?


realizing now this is a duplicate of #1696, which is still mysteriously occurring for me on os x with clang++.

@springmeyer springmeyer closed this
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