REQUEST --> SQLite plugin: load_extension() is not accessable from API/include headers #1572

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romgen commented Nov 12, 2012

See commit: 10a2814

Please make this function available through the include headers or make it possible to load extensions using plugin parameters.

For now there is no way to use e.g. Spatialite with Mapnik without recompiling either the system SQLite library or recompiling the Mapnik SQLite plugin.

Thank you!

mischkew commented Jul 6, 2014

was there any progress the last year concerning sqlite extension loading?
Or could you provide instructions on how to recompile the mapnik sqlite module with spatialite extension enabled?


@springmeyer springmeyer added this to the Mapnik 2.3.0 milestone Jul 15, 2014

My understanding is that:

  1. Mapnik already supports spatialite geometries stored in a sqlite database without any special casing or linking to libspatialite or loading it as a module

  2. But, if you want to use spatialite-specific SQL queries, then yes you either need to re-link Mapnik sqlite plugin against the amalgamated spatialite+sqlite or you need to link to sqlite and then load the spatialite extension.

We do not currently support loading the extension. The code you see was added purely for testing and is not designed to be used by anyone other than a developer.

So I think re-linking is the best route. The other option would be having the Mapnik sqlite plugin accept an option to trigger loading the module. But I worry this would be a security issue so I'm not inclined to do this.

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