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load_map should warn about missing fonts in fontsets #1791

herm opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Even when strict mode is disabled a missing font in a fontset should display a warning message.


+1 - or even better throw. It looks like this needs to be done in src/text_properties / char_properties::from_xml, but its hard to tell exactly. Maybe checking code should be added to load_map.cpp to avoid needed to repeat in multiple places...


I'd like to get an error at load time too, as per CartoDB/Windshaft-cartodb#90.
Or (optionally with an XML parameter?) make the missing-face event tolerated by using a different font (system default or something).


@strk mapnik.Map.load/loadSync have an optional options argument that can contain {strict: true} which will trigger more font errors a load time.

@springmeyer springmeyer added this to the Mapnik 3.x milestone
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