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Geos plugin struggles with some geometries #1795

gravitystorm opened this Issue Apr 2, 2013 · 4 comments


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Using a simple map style and a basic polygon, the geos plugin often fails to render the geometry.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Map srs="+proj=merc +a=6378137 +b=6378137 +lat_ts=0.0 +lon_0=0.0 +x_0=0.0 +y_0=0.0 +k=1.0 +units=m +nadgrids=@null +wktext +no_defs +over" background-color="#ffffff">

<Style name="land">
    <PolygonSymbolizer fill-opacity="1.0" fill="#000055"/>
  <Layer name="land"
  srs="+proj=merc +a=6378137 +b=6378137 +lat_ts=0.0 +lon_0=0.0 +x_0=0.0 +y_0=0.0 +k=1.0 +units=m +nadgrids=@null +wktext +no_defs +over">
       <Parameter name="type">geos</Parameter>
       <Parameter name="wkt">POLYGON((-562138.878809187 7591760.30509051,-562138.878809187 7692211.65010319,-500771.408613292 7692211.65010319,-500771.408613292 7591760.30509051,-562138.878809187 7591760.30509051))</Parameter>

Using nik2img.py -v, I can see that the extents of the layer are fine, but no feature shows up.

Step: 6 // --> Zoom to extent of all layers: "Box2d(-606793.652471,7591760.30509,-456116.634952,7692211.6501)"
- no features returned from query for layer 'land' and style 'land'

Rendering the same feature with a postgis layer (using st_geomfromtext() ) works fine.

Interestingly, changing the coordinates on the geos layer also works too. For example, the following polygon matches the above, but I've simply removed the leading "7" from all the y-coordinates.

<Parameter name="wkt">POLYGON((-562138.878809187 591760.30509051,-562138.878809187 692211.65010319,-500771.408613292 692211.65010319,-500771.408613292 591760.30509051,-562138.878809187 591760.30509051))</Parameter>

Perhaps the original coordinates are too large?


springmeyer commented Apr 2, 2013

Can you try using the CSV plugin instead?

Works fine with the CSV plugin, so this issue seems to be geos-plugin specific.


springmeyer commented Apr 15, 2013

closing, will be fixed when we remove the geos plugin.


springmeyer commented Apr 15, 2013

tracking GEOS plugin removal at #1809

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