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TextSymbolizer bug with Armenian letters #582

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We are testing Mapnik (v0.7.0 & 0.7.1 on WinXP) for rendering map and we have found a strange bug in Mapnik's TextSymbolizer when dealing with Armenian letters (maybe also other letters?).

Here we provide some screenshots of the artifacts, some permalinks to OpenStreetMaps, and all the necessary files '''for reproducing the bug (see attachments)'''.

(We use "Tahoma Armenian Regular" font, but the bug exist when using other fonts too and depends from the "spacing" value)

You will need to create (if missing) a PostGIS enabled PostgreSQL database named "postgis", and import the SQL file to the database. Then run the slightly modified version of for generating the tiles. Then use "viewer/index.htm" to view the tiles using OpenLayers.

'''Permalinks to OpenStreetMaps'''

'''(1) Bug in OSM'''

'''(2) Bug in OSM'''


[herm] Looks like this is no bug, but a problem that each tile is rendered independently. The renderer doesn't know where it placed the label in the last tile an might choose a new place in every tile. There is no really 100% working solution for this as far as I know, but you can try changing this
line in to get better results:

self.m.buffer_size = 128

Note however that large values will increase your rendering time. You might want to choose a better solution like renderd when you have a large number of tiles to render.


[] > self.m.buffer_size = 128

I understand what you mean, but I don't think that the case is in the size of the cache. If you view the example in the attached files, you can see that the size of the map is very small - just one small polyline with TextSymbolizer, so it's not possible that the cache is too small. I think this is a bug.
Please pay attention to the "spacing" parameter, depending on its value the bug can disappear.


[] I tried to increase the size of the buffer but no result, the bug remains as I expected.
My example map consists of 1.32 KM length 20 nodes polyline, so as I said before, I don't think that this issue has any relation to the size of the buffer.


This bug does not appear to be related to international text handling but it looks like the placement finder chooses different placement when rendering the tiles. I will try to add debug output when I work on the placement finder.

@herm herm was assigned

Please try rendering the tiles again with harfbuzz branch.


Closing this bug as there was no reply in the last 7 month and this bug is reported against a very old version of mapnik.

@herm herm closed this
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