Color replacing for SVG-based Symbolizers #659

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artemp commented Oct 11, 2011

I would like to be able to specify a color replacement table for the new SVG-based symbolizers.

E.g. there is all those nice icons like that Brian converts to (mono-)colored PNGs with a script, like and and even

What the conversion script does is basically just a sed on a certain color in the SVG file.

While I don't expect this halo effect just yet, it would be nice to be able to do that from within Mapnik.

I could also use a feature like this for hiking symbols, which (in the east of Germany and in Czech) are often the same simple shapes like a dot, bar, slash etc., but come in different colors.


springmeyer commented Jul 7, 2012

/cc @cmarqu - I think he was the original ticket filer back in the trac days


springmeyer commented Jul 11, 2012

This is working and in place now in master: see #1410. Things like alpha are now supported as of cd66495. This will only work with simple shapes or single paths - or at least cases where it is okay for all paths to accept the same colors.


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