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Write more than once to the same metawriter JSON output file #803

artemp opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Essential I load the map once then 'pan', render, save image, and repeat till all of map is saved. Each time I
pan/render/save, the metawriter creates the json file, but it over-writes the previous iterations file.

Is there a way that the meta writer could append to an existing file so that a single file is created for all iterations?

I have a simple work-around that creates a new file for each iteration by programmaticaly changing a replacement variable,
then post-process the discrete files into a single one.

(Reported by David Eastcott)

@herm herm was assigned
@herm herm was assigned

Closing this bug as metawriters have been removed from mapnik.

@herm herm closed this
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