API review/syncing - C++,python,nodejs,{java/ruby} #826

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Last chance to fix API consistency before release. Next chance would be mapnik 3.x for breaking changes in main api. So we should review opportunities and needs to sync up api's between c++ and python (e.g. no CamelCase anymore in these languages), xml (only dashes), and javacript (CamelCase).

js binding are at: github.com/mapnik/node-mapnik/

also java bindings against mapnik2: https://github.com/stellaeof/mapnik-jni

and ruby bindings against mapnik2: https://github.com/elliotlaster/Ruby-Mapnik

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[springmeyer] not seeing this happening before release mainly because there are no actionable items needing fixes, more just a deep review and comparison, which I don't have time for. So, I'm going to push this to 2.1 which I think is the right milestone to focus on bindings anyway. the 2.0 release is mainly about big changes to libmapnik, so 2.1 can be a release where bindings catch up.

@springmeyer springmeyer was assigned Jul 3, 2012
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since the node.js, java, and ruby bindings still live outside core, this will be feasible to tackle post release, closing.

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