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Mapnik 2.3.0

No due date

Next (and likely last) backward compatible 2.x series release.


Mapnik 3.x

No due date

Major new release.

Will leverage c++11 standard.

May ultimately depend on >= Boost 1.54.


Mapnik 2.2.1

No due date



No due date

Branch to support shaping for more scripts


Mapnik 2.1.1

No due date

First stable/bugfix release in the 2.1.x series.

Stable fixes from master will be cherry-picked into

May be superseded by 2.2.x or 3.x if sufficient new features are also ready.


GSOC Carto C++

Past due by over 2 years

Google Summer of Code Carto C++ project by Colin Rundel.

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