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strk commented Sep 4, 2012

Allows using literal fields without a cast in postgis queries, threating them as text.

Dane Springmeyer and others added some commits Oct 17, 2011

Dane Springmeyer update changelog - #908 86a1d96
@rcoup rcoup Do a proper check for BOOST_PYTHON_LIB in scons, and change it to be …
…only the library name. re: mapnik-packaging:#3
@rcoup rcoup [fixes #904] Python2.5 compatibility. 5c76218
Dane Springmeyer backport postgis 2.x fix to mapnik 2.0.x series branch - refs #956 c4edd2b
Dane Springmeyer remove unintended plugin line that snuck in from master merge 58c29c0
@kunitoki kunitoki - fix mapnik-config --version
- closes #903
Dane Springmeyer backport to 2.0.2 fix for ubuntu compile error with boost 1.42 - refs #… 496b393
Dane Springmeyer add permissive flag to ogr and shape plugins to work around boost int…
…erprocess compile bug - closes #1082 - refs #950 and #1001
Dane Springmeyer yet another -fpermissive - refs #1082, #950 and #1001 53e171c
Dane Springmeyer backport hextree sorting fix to 2.0.x series - refs #1087 ee8a150
@zerebubuth zerebubuth Still need to increment pos counter in shapeindex even when the geome…
…try is null, otherwise reads are possible beyond the end of file.
Dane Springmeyer avoid mutex locks on pj_transform for proj 4.7 and above - closes #1072 150c9f8
Dane Springmeyer sync changelog 3a086b8
Dane Springmeyer support as low as geos v3.1.0 - closes #1031 21af038
Dane Springmeyer postgis: remove last usage of deprecated functions - fully supporting…
… postgis 2.0 - closes #1083
Dane Springmeyer add emacs temporaries to gitignores 4292cf1
Dane Springmeyer update CHANGELOG 7a10bef
Dane Springmeyer backport to 2.0.x series the sqlite3_open_v2 usage from master - refs #… 34ddc65
Dane Springmeyer remove ogcserver - now at https://github.com/mapnik/OGCServer e7f6267
Dane Springmeyer backport 'switch naming back from libmapnik2 -> libmapnik (also pytho…
…n)' and remove svn traces (refs #941)
Dane Springmeyer make available MAPNIK_VERSION_STRING in c++ header (not just in pytho…
…n) and add MAPNIK_VERSION_IS_RELEASE define that indicates if the code is released
Dane Springmeyer fix linux soname formatting 8229b22
Dane Springmeyer properly format abi versions in a few more placesa 91ad01b
Dane Springmeyer add deprecated python module alias for backward compatibility cacc909
Dane Springmeyer remove id e66d724
Dane Springmeyer Merge branch '2.0.x' of github.com:mapnik/mapnik into 2.0.x a6891f2
Dane Springmeyer since mapnik::layer is public api, add forward compatibility with >= …
…mapnik 2.1.x
@artemp artemp avoid creating default initialised values if key doesn't exist 49f0df0
Dane Springmeyer add 0f5ab18 backport to changelog 19f43c9
Dane Springmeyer Revert "avoid mutex locks on pj_transform for proj 4.7 and above - cl…
…oses #1072"

This reverts commit 150c9f8.
Dane Springmeyer remove #1072 from changelog as it was ultimately reverted from 2.0.x …
Dane Springmeyer add missing set_color_to_alpha impl - TODO - add advanced algo that s…
…upports tolerance - refs #1018
Dane Springmeyer backport markers_symbolizer fixes from master to 2.0.x - closes #1163 b93c760
Dane Springmeyer embed version in the epydoc output af6cd78
Dane Springmeyer forward compatibility with mapnik >= 2.1.x header name bd8446d
Dane Springmeyer add hello world plugin to gitignores 1f49c52
Dane Springmeyer shuffle CHANGELOG 862bd54
Dane Springmeyer setting up for mapnik 2.0.1 release 5cd3cb2
Dane Springmeyer update CHANGELOG 57347e9
Dane Springmeyer now working on mapnik 2.0.2-pre 56d8f7a
Dane Springmeyer fix memory leak of pj_ctx if a projection cannot be initialized 0370913
Dane Springmeyer update changelog after #1173 c1ed1da
Dane Springmeyer bump api fallback version 19b51fd
Dane Springmeyer avoid trying to determine relative path from python module to plugins…
… as this can make flexible packaging harder - closes #1171
Dane Springmeyer python: fix leaky Py_None return by calling Py_INCREF(Py_None) before…
… returning - closes #1221
Dane Springmeyer update changelog after #1171 and #1221 2b5ad5b
Dane Springmeyer only mark deprecated api names for removal at major versions to ensur…
…e we are semver compatible - thanks @migurski - closes #1129
Dane Springmeyer scons: port minor build fixes from master to make building os x binar…
…ies (against static icu and libpq) easier
@artemp artemp + use ST_xxx 47e5b3c
Dane Springmeyer update changlog after 47e5b3c 3b44a88
Dane Springmeyer avoid throwing if Mapnik 2.1 style <Parameters> is encountered in XML 57a3836
Dane Springmeyer partially rollback b93c760 - meaning that radii will continue (as in …
…Mapnik 2.0.0) to be assumed for marker width/height in the Mapnik 2.0.x series (>= 2.0.2) - closes #1163, refs #1134
Dane Springmeyer initialize boolean grid.painted dc81316
Dane Springmeyer use ST_AsBinary for postgis_datasource::features_at_point - closes #1252
Dane Springmeyer consistenly pass the unbuffered map dimensions to the placement_finde…
…r, ensuring that avoid-edges and minimum-padding are respected across all renderers, if set - closes #1242
Dane Springmeyer avoid unused variable warning f878989
Dane Springmeyer add missing throw d139e49
Dane Springmeyer ensure valid string concatenation 49483fa
Dane Springmeyer switch grid member intialization order to avoid compiler warning 718d3a4
Dane Springmeyer future proof linking of postgis plugin against boost 1.50 8dea5a5
Dane Springmeyer fix initialization order with markers_symbolizer to avoid compiler wa…
@artemp artemp + fixed naming (as per SVG) cc3cd5f
Dane Springmeyer avoid unused variable warnings fa23cda
Dane Springmeyer handle empty geometries from postgis and add postgis tests - refs #1333 daeecb3
Dane Springmeyer update CHANGELOG for 2.0.2 release 7e36b13
Dane Springmeyer setting up for mapnik v2.0.2 release adb2ec7
Dane Springmeyer update CHANGELOG 3b831a4
Dane Springmeyer now working on mapnik v2.0.3-pre ed734df
Sandro Santilli Add support for literal types in PostGIS queries. Closes #1464. 170e234

strk closed this Sep 4, 2012

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