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This directory contains a simple c++ program demonstrating the Mapnik C++ API. It mimics the python 'rundemo.py' example with a couple exceptions.

If building on unix you can have this program automatically build by configuring Mapnik like:

./configure DEMO=True

However, this example code also should be able to be built standalone.

The following notes describe how to do that on various operating systems.


  • Mapnik library development headers
  • mapnik-config on unix and mapnik-config.bat on windows


On OS X and Linux you also need make.


On windows, additional dependencies to build are:

mapnik-config.bat should come with your Mapnik installation.

First confirm it is on your path:

mapnik-config # should give usage

To install gyp, which is pure python do:

svn checkout http://gyp.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ gyp
cd gyp
python setup.py install

If you do not have svn installed you can grab gyp from:

# unzip and extract the 'gyp' subfolder then do
cd gyp
python setup.py install

Building the demo


Simply type:


Then to run do:

./rundemo `mapnik-config --prefix`

On OS X you can also create an xcode project:

gyp rundemo.gyp --depth=. -f xcode --generator-output=./build/
xcodebuild -project ./build/rundemo.xcodeproj
./build/out/Release/rundemo `mapnik-config --prefix`


First you need to build the visual studio solution with gyp:

C:\Python27\python.exe c:\Python27\Scripts\gyp rundemo.gyp --depth=. -f msvs -G msvs_version=2010

Then you can compile with msbuild:

msbuild rundemo.sln /p:Configuration="Release" /p:Platform=Win32

Then run it!

for /f %i in ('mapnik-config --prefix') do set MAPNIK_PREFIX=%i
Release\rundemo.exe %MAPNIK_PREFIX%