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Important Note: The Mapnik documentation is currently in the process of being restructured and updated for Mapnik 2.0 and the move to GitHub -- please double check all information found here and fix / report any errors you may find. Thanks for your patience.

Mapnik can be used in a variety of ways. The most widely used options are using XML config files, using the Python bindings or using the API directly in C++.

General Concepts

Getting started

To get first results, choose your weapon: Choose your weapon: XML, Python or C++

Further Resources:

How to Style your Maps

How to combine Map styles and Layers

How to read in data

How to use the Mapnik Python Bindings

Advanced Topics

MapnikRenderers -- Render with AGG or Cairo

LabelingSupport -- Discover the intricacies of label placement.

OutputFormats -- Which format to use based on speed, quality, and rendering tradeoffs.

Generating Contours - Using Mapnik with GDAL to build contours of the world.

ManagingLargeXmlFiles -- Do things once and only once using XML entities.

Hooking up Mapnik to PostGIS

MapnikReferences -- Various other resources related to Mapnik and Mapping

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