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The Mapnik Viewer is a GUI tool for rendering and viewing maps based on Mapnik XML mapfiles.

It's available in the demo/viewer folder of your mapnik source code. It is not compiled by default, but can be built separately after installing Mapnik.


  • A working Mapnik installation
  • A Mapnik XML file to view
  • Qt4 including dev files (for example, see Qt/Mac Open Source Edition)
  • Qmake


NOTE: these instructions assume you are using Mapnik >= 2.1. Mapnik 2.1 source code includes a file that will leverage the mapnik-config to get the proper build settings from your Mapnik install.

Run Qmake to generate a makefile:

cd ./demo/viewer
qmake -makefile

On Mac OSX the above command may generate an XCode project. To generate a normal Makefile do:

qmake -spec macx-g++

Finally, run Make to build the or viewer.exe


On OS X, if a viewer.xcodeproj was built then open the project in Apple's XCode environment and hit "build and run"


Double click on the resulting application ( on Mac OS)

  • You can then load map files from the file menu (make sure you have absolute paths set to datasources).
  • Hit the Home button to zoom to the data extent.
  • The rest should be obvious.

You can also load your XML files when launching the viewer from a terminal:

# On linux this would look like:
./viewer /path/to/your.xml
# On mac this would look like:
./ /path/to/your.xml
# or
open -a viewer


    # ./viewer your.xml -1,50,1,52