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History / PolygonSymbolizer

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@plepe plepe fix last change again ddf0bad
@plepe plepe fix last change 727aed3
@plepe plepe info about compositing fe172a8
@plepe plepe add information about expressions support f948a1a
@springmeyer springmeyer cleanup old links to trac and svn af9ced6
@springmeyer springmeyer add descriptions 96e91f0
@skorasaurus skorasaurus updated polygonsymbolizer XML, remove css-parameter [md] [re: #mapnik, de295f0
@HSylvio HSylvio Updated PolygonSymbolizer (markdown) bc68bac
@ThomasG77 ThomasG77 Updated PolygonSymbolizer (markdown) 8dafe07
@ThomasG77 ThomasG77 Updated PolygonSymbolizer (markdown) 10de915
@springmeyer springmeyer remove all old trac link break oddities 84eb0ef
@lucadelu lucadelu fix table 26c1167
@springmeyer springmeyer initial autoconversion of wiki pages using fb34b26
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