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Mapnik 0.7.2 Release

  • Added forward compatibility for Mapnik 2.0 XML syntax (https://

  • Build fixes to ensure boost_threads are not used unless THREADING=multi build option is used

  • Fixes for the clang compiler

  • Support for latest libpng (>= 1.5.x) (r2999)

  • Fixes to the postgres pool

  • Fix for correct transparency levels in png256/png8 output (#540)

  • Various build system fixes, especially for gcc compiler on open solaris.

  • When plugins are not found, report the searched directories (#568)

  • Improved font loading support (#559)

  • Fix to shapeindex for allowing indexing of directory of shapefiles like shapeindex dir/*shp

  • Fixed handling of null and multipatch shapes in shapefile driver - avoiding inf loop (#573)

  • Fixed raster alpha blending (#589,#674)

  • Enhanced support for faster reprojection if proj >= 4.8 is used (#575)

  • Allow for late-binding of datasources (#622)

  • Fix to OSM plugin to avoid over-caching of data (#542)

  • Various fixes to sqlite, ogr, and occi driver backported from trunk.

  • Ensured that '\n' triggers linebreaks in text rendering (#584)

  • Support for boost filesystem v3

  • Fixes to cairo renderer to avoid missing images (r2526)

  • Fixed reading of label_position_tolerance on text_symbolizer and height for building_symbolizer