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(Packaged from 5cd3cb2)

  • Support for PostGIS 2.0 (#956,#1083)

  • Switched back to "libmapnik" and "import mapnik" rather than "mapnik2" (mapnik2 will still work from python) (#941)

  • Restored Python 2.5 compatibility (#904)

  • Fixed mapnik-config --version (#903)

  • Cairo: Add full rendering support for markers to match AGG renderer functionality (#1071)

  • Fix Markers rendering so that ellipse height/width units are pixels (previously were unintentionally radii) (#1134)

  • Added 'ignore-placement` attribute to markers-symbolizer (#1135)

  • Removed svn_revision info from mapnik-config and python bindings as git is now used

  • Removed OGCServer from core - now at (e7f6267)

  • Fixed SQLite open stability across platforms/versions (#854)

  • Workaround for boost interprocess compile error with recent gcc versions (#950,#1001,#1082)

  • Fix possible memory corruption when using hextree mode for png color reduction (#1087)

  • Fixed bug in shield line placement when dx/dy are used to shift the label relative to the placement point (Matt Amos) (#908)

  • Fix to avoid modifying a feature if an attribute is requested that does not exist (0f5ab18ed)

  • Fixed ability to save to jpeg format from python (7387afd9) (#896)