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springmeyer edited this page Aug 4, 2012 · 2 revisions

Released Aug 3, 2012

(Packaged from adb2ec741)

  • Fixed handling of empty WKB geometries (#1334)

  • Fixed naming of stroke-dashoffset in save_map (cc3cd5f63f28)

  • Fixed support for boost 1.50 (8dea5a5fe239233)

  • Fixed TextSymbolizer placement in Cairo backend so it respects avoid-edges and minimum-padding across all renderers (#1242)

  • Fixed ShieldSymbolizer placement so it respects avoid-edges and minimum-padding across all renderers (#1242)

  • Rolled back change made in 2.0.1 to marker width/height meaning that Mapnik > 2.0.2 will stick to assuming width/heigh are radii for back compatibility with 2.0.0. The reverted change is seen below as "Fix Markers rendering so that ellipse height/width units are pixels (previously were unintentionally radii)". Issue tracking this is #1163

  • XML: Fixed to avoid throwing if a <Parameters> element is encountered (which is supported in >= 2.1.x)

  • Support for PostGIS 2.0 in the pgsql2sqlite command (e69c44e/47e5b3c)

  • Fixed reference counting of Py_None when returning null attributes from Postgres during UTFGrid encoding, which could cause a Fatal Python error: deallocating None (#1221)

  • Fixed possible breakage registering plugins via python if a custom PREFIX or DESTDIR was used (e.g. macports/homebrew) (#1171)

  • Fixed memory leak in the case of proj >= 4.8 and a projection initialization error (#1173)

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