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Released Aug 23, 2012

(Packaged from a25aac8)

See also: API-changes-between-v2.0-and-v2.1

  • Feature-level compositing (comp-op) for all symbolizers (except building) in AGG and Cairo renderers (#1409)

  • Style-level compositing (comp-op) (#1409) and style-level opacity for AGG renderer (#314)

  • New experimental framework for image manipulation called image-filters to allow things to be done across entire layer canvas like burring (#1412)

  • Support for recoloring stroke, fill, and opacity of SVG files (#1410 / #659)

  • Support for data-driven transform expressions (#664)

  • New support for offsetting geometries / parallel lines in line_symbolizer (#927/#1269)

  • New support for clipping geometries - now default enabled on all symbolizers (#1116)

  • Framework for chainable geometry transformations (called vertex_converters) so that you can do things like clip, smooth, and offset at the same time (#927)

  • WKT parsing now is more robust and supports multi-geometries (#745)

  • New support for outputting WKT/WKB/GeoJSON/SVG from mapnik.Geometry objects (#1411)

  • New experimental python datasource plugin (#1337)

  • New experimental geojson datasource plugin using in-memory rtree indexing (#1413)

  • Cairo rendering is now much more similiar to AGG rendering as cairo backend now supports scale_factor (#1280) and other fixes have landed (#1343, #1233, #1344, #1242, #687, #737, #1006, #1071)

  • mapnik::Feature objects and datasource plugins now use a Context to store attribute schemas to reduce the memory footprint of features (#834)

  • Added Stroke miterlimit (#786)

  • Python: exposed Map background_image (and aliased background to background_color)

  • Python: exposed BuildingSymbolizer

  • Support in the CSV plugin for reading JSON encoded geometries (#1392)

  • Increased grid encoding performance (#1315)

  • Added support for setting opacity dynamically on images in polygon pattern and markers symbolizers

  • Added support for filtering on a features geometry type, either point, linestring, polygon, or collection using the expression keyword of [mapnik::geometry_type] (#546)

  • MarkersSymbolizer width and height moved to expressions (#1102)

  • PostGIS: Added simplify_geometries option - will trigger ST_Simplify on geometries before returning to Mapnik (#1179)

  • Improved error feedback for invalid values passed to map.query_point

  • Fixed rendering of thin svg lines (#1129)

  • Improved logging/debugging system with release logs and file redirection ( (#937 and partially #986, #467)

  • GDAL: allow setting nodata value on the fly (will override value if nodata is set in data) (#1161)

  • GDAL: respect nodata for paletted/colormapped images (#1160)

  • PostGIS: Added a new option called autodetect_key_field (by default false) that if true will trigger autodetection of a given tables' primary key allowing for to represent globally unique ids. This option has no effect if the user has not manually supplied the key_field option. (#804)

  • Cairo: Add full rendering support for markers to match AGG renderer functionality (#1071)

  • Fix Markers rendering so that ellipse height/width units are pixels (previously were unintentionally radii) (#1134)

  • Added ignore-placement attribute to markers-symbolizer (#1135)

  • Removed PointDatasource - use more robust MemoryDatasource instead (#1032)

  • SQLite - Added support for !intersects! token in sql subselects (#809) allow custom positioning of rtree spatial filter.

  • New CSV plugin - reads tabular files - autodetecting geo columns, newlines, and delimiters. Uses in-memory featureset for fast rendering and is not designed for large files (#902)

  • Fixed bug in shield line placement when dx/dy are used to shift the label relative to the placement point (Matt Amos) (#908)

  • Added <layer_by_sql> parameter in OGR plugin to select a layer by SQL query (besides name or index): see for specifications (kunitoki) (#472)

  • Added support for output maps as tiff files (addresses #967 partially)

  • Added support for justify-alignment=auto. This is the new default. (#1125)