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Trac to Github wiki migration notes

Dane Springmeyer edited this page Feb 8, 2013 · 38 revisions

Delete all content related to Trac

For the moment, we deleted

  • InterTrac Links
  • Support for InterWiki links
  • InterMapTxt

No content

We deleted too

  • Title Index (because self referencing page)
  • Recent Changes (because self referencing page)

For images

Images links changed done Images from trac have been checked into wiki github repo in an /images subfolder and can be referenced in pages like: [/images/world.png]] to produce:

Code blocks

To get syntax color, see "Syntax highlighting" from

Pages Syntax review 1 Syntax review 2 Content update
About Mapnik yes
AlsoFilter yes
Installing Mapnik on Arch Linux yes
BoundsClipping yes
BrokenExceptions yes
BuildBot yes
BuildingSymbolizer yes
Building with Autotools yes
Cairo Version yes
CentOS/RHEL Installation yes
ChangeLog yes
Coding Standards yes
Compositing examples (work in progress) yes
DebianInstallation yes
DebuggingMapnik yes
Demo Gallery yes
DeveloperTodo yes
Development Ideas and Topics yes
Developing Mapnik Plugins yes
Development yes
ElseFilter yes
Example Code yes
Compiling Mapnik Faster yes
Filter yes
FontSet yes
FreeBSDInstallation yes
GDAL yes
GEOS yes
GettingStarted yes (link to a place for python api docs) yes (dane)
GettingStartedInPython yes yes (dane)
GettingStartedInXML yes yes (dane)
GlyphSymbolizer yes
Grouped rendering yes
Google Summer of Code 2010 yes
Google Summer of Code 2010 Application yes
Google Summer of Code Ideas yes
Google Summer of Code 2011 yes
Google Summer of Code Ideas yes
Haiti Styles yes
Home yes
Ideas yes
Compositing yes
Future Features of Mapnik yes
Installation Troubleshooting yes
InstallGuide yes)
How to integrate mapnik with wxPython? yes
International Text yes
IntroductionToGIS yes
Kismet yes
LabelingSupport yes
LearningMapnik yes (but link to python api not working)
Discussion of a Legending Spec for Mapnik yes
LinePatternSymbolizer yes
LineSymbolizer yes
Installing Mapnik on Linux yes
Installing Mapnik Mac OS X yes
Installing Mapnik on OS X with Framework Installers yes
Installing Mapnik on OS X with Homebrew yes
Optional Installs yes
Installing Mapnik on OS X from Source yes
MacInstallationSource yes
MacPostGIS_Setup yes
MacPythonUpgradeIssues yes
Managing complex map files using XML entities yes
MapDesign yes
Mapnik API yes
Mapnik Development yes
Mapnik Installation yes
Mapnik2 yes (link to milestone 0.7.2 deleted because not available, some svn links to change to git)
Changes between Mapnik 0.7.x and Mapnik 2.0 yes
MapnikCodeSprint yes
MapnikCodeSprint_MCS01 yes
MapnikCodeSprint_MCS01_Location yes
MapnikCodeSprint_MCS01_Results yes
MapnikCodeSprint_MCS01_Schedule yes
MapnikCodeSprint_MCS02 yes
Core Concepts of Mapnik yes
MapnikDependencies yes
MapnikInstallationSvn yes
MapnikReferences yes
Mapnik Releases yes
Steps for Mapnik Releases yes
Mapnik Renderers yes
Mapnik Tutorials yes
MapnikUtilities yes
MapnikViewer yes
MarkersSymbolizer yes (retrieve offsets_directions.png from )
MaxScaleDenominator yes
MemoryDatasource yes
MetaWriter yes, retrieve
MinScaleDenominator yes
ModServer yes
Mapnik Maps on the Command-Line yes
Notes and caveats yes
OCCI yes
OGR yes
Installing Mapnik and Dependencies on Open Solaris yes
OpenSolarisInstallation_32bit yes
OpenSolarisInstallation_64bit yes
Trouble Shooting on Open Solaris yes
OpenSuse yes
Installing Mapnik on Suse yes
Optimize Rendering with PostGIS yes
OsmPlugin yes
Mapnik Output Formats yes
Notes on Mapnik Packages yes
Paleoserver yes
PluginArchitecture yes
PointSymbolizer yes
PolygonPatternSymbolizer yes
PolygonSymbolizer yes
PostGIS yes
Python3k yes
Raster yes
RasterColorizer yes
Rasterlite yes
RasterSymbolizer yes
Related projects and utilities yes
Release0.6.0 yes
Release0.6.1 yes
Mapnik 0.7.0 Release yes
Release0.7.1 yes
Mapnik 2.0.0 release yes
ScaleAndPpi yes
Shapefile Plugin yes
ShieldSymbolizer yes
ShieldSymbolizerTests yes
SQLite yes
Sharing Map Styles yes
Symbology Support yes
TextSymbolizer yes
Troubleshooting yes
Installing Mapnik on Ubuntu yes
Build notes specific to older versions of Ubuntu yes
Using Custom Fonts with Mapnik yes
Using SCons with Mapnik yes
Installing Mapnik in Windows yes
XMLConfigReference yes (some anchors remaining to fix)
XmlFormatDiscussion yes
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