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History / XMLConfigReference

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Stephan Bösch-Plepelits plepe Add Style opacity 3c308ff
Dane Springmeyer springmeyer remove all XML DTD traces since it was removed - see 2d38464
Dane Springmeyer springmeyer cleanup old links to trac and svn af9ced6
Jochen Topf joto Updated XMLConfigReference (markdown) 45121ce
Andy Allan gravitystorm Update some trac links to point to github commits instead 9c90777
Hermann Kraus herm Updated XMLConfigReference (markdown) f6ff14f
zstadler Updated XMLConfigReference (markdown) 08550e2
Will Skora skorasaurus removed info on parameters of gdal, ogr which already existed on GDAL, OGR pages [markdown] 8cb729e
Will Skora skorasaurus removed parameters for OSM type since it's already at OsmPlugin page [markdown] 5eefe59
Will Skora skorasaurus moved info on osmplugin parameters to OsmPlugin page [markdown] [still need to move url, bbox] 08ca5eb
Will Skora skorasaurus removed info on parameters of shapefiles from here to ShapeFile [markdown] be3f4e8
Will Skora skorasaurus moved info on parameters for postgis to the PostGIS wiki page [markdown] 4f190b4
Will Skora skorasaurus corrected link to PDF of mapnik xml description written by Eastcott [mapnikXMLDescription.pdf] [markdown] 0262612
lhapaipai Updated XMLConfigReference (markdown) 3925fde
lhapaipai Updated XMLConfigReference (markdown) 6f7f4ec
lhapaipai Updated XMLConfigReference (markdown) 399ba45
lhapaipai Updated XMLConfigReference (markdown) 0f24ecc
lhapaipai Updated XMLConfigReference (markdown) 9aa12b7
Ramūnas Dronga ramunasd links to symbolizers for better navigation 3844dea
ThomasG77 ThomasG77 Updated XMLConfigReference (markdown) 5b984e0
ThomasG77 ThomasG77 Updated XMLConfigReference (markdown) 4e0778e
Dane Springmeyer springmeyer remove all old trac link break oddities 84eb0ef
Philipp Borgers booo fixed link to proj4 website f7e8081
floledermann floledermann Updated XMLConfigReference (markdown) 472370e
Dane Springmeyer springmeyer initial autoconversion of wiki pages using fb34b26
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