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node-mapnik examples


  • Node.js v0.10.x
  • Mapnik node.js bindings (node-mapnik)

Install node-mapnik like:

npm install mapnik@latest

A few examples have other dependencies. Install all possible like:

npm install express generic-pool get

Examples are designed to be run from the root like:

node ./render/app.js ./stylesheet.xml map.png

Examples are arranged into topic directories:

  • render - Simple map to image renderer example. Start here.
  • image - Server that just responds with a single image.
  • tile - Example tileservers. Also includes PostGIS example. (see for a fuller example with PostGIS)
  • wms - Example WMS servers (see for a real WMS server)
  • memory_datasource - rendering of native javascript objects using in memory features created up front

Other files

  • utils - helper methods
  • data - world map shapefile used in examples
  • stylesheet.xml - sample mapnik xml stylesheet

Using examples

To run most examples, read the code then execute their app.js file.

In tile examples you can view the output in polymaps via tile/index.html