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#include "mapnik_featureset.hpp"
#include "utils.hpp"
Persistent<FunctionTemplate> Featureset::constructor;
void Featureset::Initialize(Handle<Object> target) {
HandleScope scope;
constructor = Persistent<FunctionTemplate>::New(FunctionTemplate::New(Featureset::New));
NODE_SET_PROTOTYPE_METHOD(constructor, "next", next);
Featureset::Featureset() :
this_() {}
Handle<Value> Featureset::New(const Arguments& args)
HandleScope scope;
if (!args.IsConstructCall())
return ThrowException(String::New("Cannot call constructor as function, you need to use 'new' keyword"));
if (args[0]->IsExternal())
Local<External> ext = Local<External>::Cast(args[0]);
void* ptr = ext->Value();
Featureset* fs = static_cast<Featureset*>(ptr);
return args.This();
return ThrowException(Exception::TypeError(
String::New("Sorry a Featureset cannot currently be created, only accessed via an existing datasource")));
Handle<Value> Featureset::next(const Arguments& args)
HandleScope scope;
bool include_extent = false;
if ((args.Length() > 0)) {
if (!args[0]->IsBoolean())
return ThrowException(Exception::TypeError(
String::New("option to include extent must be a boolean")));
include_extent = args[0]->BooleanValue();
Featureset* fs = ObjectWrap::Unwrap<Featureset>(args.This());
// TODO - allow filtering which fields are returned
if (fs->this_) {
mapnik::feature_ptr fp = fs->this_->next();
if (fp) {
std::map<std::string,mapnik::value> const& fprops = fp->props();
Local<Object> feat = Object::New();
std::map<std::string,mapnik::value>::const_iterator it = fprops.begin();
std::map<std::string,mapnik::value>::const_iterator end = fprops.end();
for (; it != end; ++it)
params_to_object serializer( feat , it->first);
boost::apply_visitor( serializer, it->second.base() );
// add feature id
feat->Set(String::NewSymbol("__id__"), Integer::New(fp->id()));
if (include_extent) {
Local<Array> a = Array::New(4);
mapnik::box2d<double> const& e = fp->envelope();
a->Set(0, Number::New(e.minx()));
a->Set(1, Number::New(e.miny()));
a->Set(2, Number::New(e.maxx()));
a->Set(3, Number::New(e.maxy()));
return scope.Close(feat);
return Undefined();
Handle<Value> Featureset::New(mapnik::featureset_ptr fs_ptr)
HandleScope scope;
Featureset* fs = new Featureset();
fs->this_ = fs_ptr;
Handle<Value> ext = External::New(fs);
Handle<Object> obj = constructor->GetFunction()->NewInstance(1, &ext);
return scope.Close(obj);
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