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import os
import sys
from glob import glob
from os import unlink, symlink, popen, uname, environ
from os.path import exists
from shutil import copy2 as copy
from subprocess import call
# node-wafadmin
import Options
import Utils
TARGET = '_mapnik'
TARGET_FILE = '%s.node' % TARGET
built = 'build/Release/%s' % TARGET_FILE
dest = 'lib/%s' % TARGET_FILE
settings = 'lib/mapnik_settings.js'
# this goes into a mapnik_settings.js file beside the C++ _mapnik.node
settings_template = """
module.exports.paths = {
'fonts': %s,
'input_plugins': %s
def version2num(version_string):
f_parts = map(int,version_string.split('.'))
return (f_parts[0]*100000)+(f_parts[1]*100)+f_parts[2]
def write_mapnik_settings(fonts='undefined',input_plugins='undefined'):
global settings_template
if '__dirname' in fonts or '__dirname' in input_plugins:
settings_template = "var path = require('path');\n" + settings_template
open(settings,'w').write(settings_template % (fonts,input_plugins))
def ensure_min_mapnik_version(conf,min_version='2.1.0'):
found_version = popen("%s --version" % conf.env['MAPNIK_CONFIG']).readline().strip().replace('-pre','')
if not found_version:
Utils.pprint('RED',"Warning: Incompatible libmapnik version found (using mapnik-config --version), this 'node-mapnik' requires 'mapnik %s'" % min_version)
found_version_num = version2num(found_version)
min_version_num = version2num(min_version)
if found_version_num == min_version_num:
Utils.pprint('GREEN', 'Sweet, found compatible mapnik version %s (via mapnik-config)' % (found_version))
Utils.pprint('RED',"Warning: Incompatible libmapnik version found (using mapnik-config --version), this 'node-mapnik' requires 'mapnik %s'" % min_version)
def warn_about_mapnik_version(conf):
found_version = popen("%s --version" % conf.env['MAPNIK_CONFIG']).readline().strip().replace('-pre','')
# NOTE: bug in Mapnik 2.0.0 results in blank version returned
if found_version:
found_version_num = version2num(found_version)
min_version = '2.0.0'
max_version = '2.1.0'
min_version_num = version2num(min_version)
max_version_num = version2num(max_version)
if found_version_num <= max_version_num and found_version_num >= min_version_num:
Utils.pprint('GREEN', 'Sweet, found compatible mapnik version %s (via mapnik-config)' % (found_version))
Utils.pprint('RED',"Warning: Incompatible libmapnik version found (using mapnik-config --version).\nThis 'node-mapnik' requires mapnik >=%s and <=%s" % (min_version,max_version))
def set_options(opt):
#opt.add_option('-D', '--debug', action='store_true', default=False, dest='debug')
def configure(conf):
if sys.platform == 'darwin':
settings_dict = {}
cairo_cxxflags = []
grid_cxxflags = []
path_list = environ.get('PATH', '').split(os.pathsep)
mapnik_config = conf.find_program('mapnik-config', var='MAPNIK_CONFIG', path_list=path_list)
if not mapnik_config:
conf.fatal('\n\nSorry, the "mapnik-config" program was not found.\nOnly Mapnik >=2.0.0 provides this tool.\n')
# todo - check return value of popen otherwise we can end up with
# return of 'Usage: mapnik-config [OPTION]'
all_ldflags = popen("%s --libs" % mapnik_config).readline().strip().split(' ')
# only link to libmapnik, which should be in first two flags
linkflags = []
if os.environ.has_key('LINKFLAGS'):
linkflags.extend(os.environ['LINKFLAGS'].split(' '))
# put on the path the first -L to where libmapnik should be and libmapnik itself
# add prefix to linkflags if it is unique
prefix_lib = os.path.join(conf.env['PREFIX'],'lib')
if not '/usr/local' in prefix_lib:
linkflags.insert(0,'-L%s' % prefix_lib)
conf.env.append_value("LINKFLAGS", linkflags)
# unneeded currently as second item from mapnik-config is -lmapnik
#conf.env.append_value("LIB_MAPNIK", "mapnik")
# TODO - too much potential pollution here, need to limit this upstream
cxxflags = popen("%s --cflags" % mapnik_config).readline().strip().split(' ')
if '-lcairo' in all_ldflags or '-DHAVE_CAIRO' in cxxflags:
Utils.pprint('GREEN','Sweet, found cairo library, will attempt to compile with cairo support for pdf/svg output')
Utils.pprint('YELLOW','Notice: "mapnik-config --libs" or "mapnik-config --cflags" is not reporting Cairo support in your mapnik version, so node-mapnik will not be built with Cairo support (pdf/svg output)')
# if cairo is available
if cairo_cxxflags:
# add prefix to includes if it is unique
prefix_inc = os.path.join(conf.env['PREFIX'],'include/node')
if not '/usr/local' in prefix_inc:
cxxflags.insert(0,'-I%s' % prefix_inc)
conf.env.append_value("CXXFLAGS_MAPNIK", cxxflags)
#ldflags = []
#conf.env.append_value("LDFLAGS", ldflags)
# settings for fonts and input plugins
if os.environ.has_key('MAPNIK_INPUT_PLUGINS'):
settings_dict['input_plugins'] = os.environ['MAPNIK_INPUT_PLUGINS']
settings_dict['input_plugins'] = '\'%s\'' % popen("%s --input-plugins" % mapnik_config).readline().strip()
if os.environ.has_key('MAPNIK_FONTS'):
settings_dict['fonts'] = os.environ['MAPNIK_FONTS']
settings_dict['fonts'] = '\'%s\'' % popen("%s --fonts" % mapnik_config).readline().strip()
def clean(bld):
pass # to avoid red warning from waf of "nothing to clean"
def build(bld): = jobs;
obj = bld.new_task_gen("cxx", "shlib", "node_addon", install_path=None)
obj.cxxflags = ["-O3", "-g", "-D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64", "-D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE"]
# uncomment the next line to remove '-undefined dynamic_lookup'
# in order to review linker errors (v8, libev/eio references can be ignored)
#obj.env['LINKFLAGS_MACBUNDLE'] = ['-bundle'] = TARGET
obj.source = ["src/node_mapnik.cpp",
obj.uselib = "MAPNIK"
# install 'mapnik' module
lib_dir = bld.path.find_dir('./lib')
bld.install_files('${LIBPATH_NODE}/node/mapnik', lib_dir.ant_glob('**/*'), cwd=lib_dir, relative_trick=True)
# install command line programs
bin_dir = bld.path.find_dir('./bin')
bld.install_files('${PREFIX_NODE}/bin', bin_dir.ant_glob('*'), cwd=bin_dir, relative_trick=True, chmod=0755)
def shutdown():
if Options.commands['clean']:
if exists(TARGET): unlink(TARGET)
if Options.commands['clean']:
if exists(dest):
if exists(built):
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