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  • Upgraded to Mapnik v3.0.20


  • Mapnik 3.7.0 was not properly published to npm with node-pre-gyp. Releasing again with fix.
  • Fix to SSE_MATH flag during building


Updated to 3.0.18 of mapnik. See here.


Updated to 3.0.15 of mapnik. The full changelog for this release is located here.


Updated for a fix associated with mapnik-vector-tile where images could be requested that would have a width or height of zero resulting in exceptions.

Several fixes associated with different mapnik by updating to use 3.0.14. Please see mapnik change log for specifics. In general note worthy changes from mapnik include stricter geojson parsing, fixes for raster plugin, fixes to image scaling, changing the meaning of filter-factor, and improvements to the the TIFF decoder.

Due to changes in the mapnik core version during this update you should see some changes in the image rescaling of raster and gdal plugin source data. This will definitely change the expected output. This is due to fixes in long standing bugs in the mapnik library.

  • Updated to mapnik-vector-tile@1.4.0
  • Mapnik minimum version updated to 3.0.14. Does not work with mapnik 3.1.x currently.
  • Fixed tests around zlib compression and decompression when comparing to node's implementation
  • Fixes rare situation of seg faults during mapnik-vector-tile image processing.
  • Corrects the resolution of images in mapnik-vector-tile when using parameters from postgis plugin.
  • Updated to use font_engine instance() method explicitely, reflecting on changes brought by 3688


This release has major performance and stability improvements.

The biggest change is the move to for clipping polygons, which is faster and results in more robust results than the previous implementation based off the "clipper" The "clipper" was known to hang on very large polygons and could output self-intersecting polygons.

The second largest change is the update of all major C/C++ dependencies. The changelogs for each are listed below. The highlights are 1) the performance improvements in webp 1.6.0, 2) the many crashes fixed in harfbuzz (, and critical security bugs fixed in libpng, libjpeg, and libtiff.

The third most important set of changes were to node-mapnik directly: for performance many functions now can premultiply as part of another async operation (to avoid needing an additional threadpool access for async premultiply - this matters under load when the threadpool may be full since access can block). And many functions that allocate images now protect from extreme allocation that could hang a machine and result in OOM. Additionally the address sanitizer caught several cases of undefined behavior.


  • Added support for node v6.x
  • Now persisting image buffer in mapnik.Image.fromBufferSync to prevent undefined behavior if buffer were to go out of scope (#677)
  • Upgraded to mapnik-vector-tile@1.2.2
  • Upgraded to protozero@1.4.2
  • Added typeName() to mapnik.Geometry. This returns the GeoJSON type name of a geometry (@davidtheclark).
  • Fixed potential unsigned integer overflow in mapnik.blend
  • Binaries compiled with clang-3.8 and now requiring >= GLIBCXX_3.4.21 from libstdc++ (
  • Binaries updated to use mapnik v3.0.12, see changelog.
  • Binaries updated to use mapnik-packaging@7862fb9:
  • icu 56.1
  • boost 1.61.0
  • sqlite 3140100
  • freetype 2.6.5
  • harfbuzz 1.3.0
  • proj 4.9.2
  • libpng 1.6.24
  • libtiff 4.0.6
  • webp 0.5.1
  • jpeg-turbo 1.5.0
  • libpq 9.4.5
  • cairo 1.14.6
  • pixman 0.34.0
  • gdal 2.1.1
  • expat 2.2.0


  • Updated to mapnik-vector-tile 1.2.0, includes a fix for rare decoding situation in vector tiles where a tile would be incorrectly considered invalid.
  • Still using mapnik v3.0.11


  • Fix performance regression when passing raster through vector tile (via upgrade to mapnik-vector-tile@1.1.2)
  • Still using mapnik v3.0.11


  • Fix for numerical precision issue in mapnik vector tile where valid v2 vector tiles would be thrown as invalid
  • Added new exception handling for toGeoJSON
  • Still using mapnik v3.0.11


  • Fix for a segfault in the vector tile clipping library
  • Still using mapnik v3.0.11


  • Updated to mapnik-vector-tile 1.1.0
  • Automatic updating of vector tiles from v1 to v2 no longer takes place automatically when using setData and addData.
  • Validation of vector tiles is now optional when using setData and addData
  • Still using mapnik v3.0.11


  • Updated to mapnik-vector-tile 1.0.6 which includes a speedup on simplification for mapnik-vector-tile
  • Still using mapnik v3.0.11


  • Fixed a situation where repeated holes on top of each other could result in self intersections in vector tile geometries
  • Improved the speed of vector tile creation by removing unrequired checks in clipper library
  • Fixed a situation in clipper where horizontals could result in invalid self intersections.
  • Prevent intersections outside the clipper from being processed after intersections inside the clipped area as this in very rare situations would cause an intersection.
  • Updated to mapnik 3.0.11, see changelog.


  • Another set of fixes for clipper where it would produce invalid polygons when creating vector tiles.
  • Fixed another endless loop in clipper around vector tile creation


  • Fixed a situation where the clipper would get locked in an endless loop when creating vector tiles.


  • Updated the angus clipper with several fixes that solve intersections issues within vetor tile polygons created when using strictly simple
  • Updated version of mapnik-vector-tile to 1.0.5 this solves a SEGFAULT that occurs in rare situations when encoding fails
  • Corrected some problems in the documentation
  • Added a new optional arguments split_multi_features and lat_lon to mapnik.VectorTile.reportGeometryValidity and mapnik.VectorTile.reportGeometryValiditySync that enables validity checks against the parts of multi geometries individually.

3.5.3 (DEPRECATED - bad package sent to npm)

  • Stopped building node v0.12 binaries. Use node v4 or v5 instead if you need node-mapnik binaries.
  • No code changes: Just a rebuild of 3.5.2 but with debug binaries that can be installed with npm install --debug


  • Fixed bug in mapnik-inspect.js around using old parse() method on vector tiles, updated it to use
  • Updated mapnik-vector-tile to 1.0.3 fixing issues with non valid vector tiles being created and linking issue in mapnik-vector-tile with latest mapnik library
  • Updated clipper library to fix bug mentioned in mapnik-vector-tile


  • Added the command that returns an object that inspects buffers and provides information about vector tiles.
  • Updated mapnik-vector-tile to 1.0.2


This is a major update and reflects a large number of changes added into node-mapnik due to update of the Mapbox Vector Tile Specification. As part of this the mapnik-vector-tile library was updated to 1.0.0. Therefore, a large number of interfaces changes have taken place around the mapnik.VectorTile object.

It is important to know that the concept of width and height have been removed from mapnik.VectorTile objects. This is replaced by the concept of tileSize. While width and height were based on the concept of an Image size created from a vector tile, tileSize is directly related to the extent as defined in the Layer of a vector tile. For understanding what the Layer and extent is please see the Vector Tile Specification. This also changed the buffer_size arguments that were commonly used in many Vector Tile methods, which was also based on the Image size. The vector tile object now contains a bufferSize which represents the buffer added to the layer extent in a tile.

Internally, all methods now depend on V2 tiles, however, any V1 tiles that are loaded into a mapnik.VectorTile object will automatically be updated.

Summary of changes:

  • mapnik.VectorTile.addData now verifies buffers validity and internally updates v1 tiles to v2
  • mapnik.VectorTile.addDataSync now verifies buffers validity and internally updates v1 tiles to v2
  • mapnik.VectorTile.setData now verifies buffers validity and internally updates v1 tiles to v2
  • mapnik.VectorTile.setDataSync now verifies buffers validity and internally updates v1 tiles to v2
  • mapnik.VectorTile.addImage now takes a mapnik.Image object rather then a buffer, it also takes optional arguments image_scaling and image_format.
  • mapnik.VectorTile.addImageBuffer replaces the old functionality of of mapnik.VectorTile.addImage
  • Added mapnik.VectorTile.addImageSync and made mapnik.VectorTile.addImage accept a callback.
  • Added mapnik.VectorTile.addImageBufferSync and made mapnik.VectorTile.addImageBuffer accept a callback.
  • mapnik.VectorTile.height() method is removed
  • mapnik.VectorTile.width() method is removed
  • mapnik.VectorTile.parse() method is removed
  • mapnik.VectorTile.IsSolid() method is removed
  • mapnik.shutdown() is removed
  • Removed the dependency on libprotobuf library
  • Lowered memory requirements for vector tile creation and vector tile operations.
  • Duplicate layer names in mapnik.VectorTile objects are no longer permitted.
  • Added new mapnik.VectorTile.extent() method which returns the bounding box of a tile in EPSG:3857
  • Added new mapnik.VectorTile.bufferedExtent() method which returns the bounding box including buffer of a tile in EPSG:3857
  • Added new mapnik.VectorTile.emptyLayers() method which returns the name of layers which were not added to a tile during any tile rendering operation.
  • Added new mapnik.VectorTile.paintedLayers() method which returns the name of layers which were considered painted during rendering or layers that contain data.
  • Added new mapnik.VetorTile.tileSize property.
  • Added new mapnik.VetorTile.bufferSize property.
  • Updated many of the default configuration options on mapnik.VectorTile class methods
  • Removed the concept of path_multiplier from the code entirely.
  • Added optional arguments of tile_size and buffer_size to mapnik.VectorTile constructor.


  • Update to mapnik-core 3.0.11 with a fix to unquoted strings


  • Fixed decoding bug that assumed tags came before geometries in vector-tile layers


  • Binaries updated to use v3.0.10 and mapnik-packaging@d6ae1fb
  • Upgraded to protozero v1.3.0
  • Fixed invalid usage of mapbox::variant that was causing windows compiler crash

Notable Changes in Mapnik v3.0.10 include:

  • A shapefile index now is skipped instead of causing an error to be throw. The shapefile plugin will then proceed by reading without using an index. It is advisable to regenerate the indexes to maintain top performance.

Notable changes in the Mapnik SDK include:

  • sqlite 3100000->3110000
  • libpng 1.6.20->1.6.21
  • postgres 9.4.5->9.5.1
  • sparsehash 2.0.2->2.0.3


Notable Changes in Mapnik v3.0.9-125-g5e30aee include:

  • Compare:
  • Support for rendering dash-array in SVGs
  • SVG parser is now stricter (fails is all input is not parsable)
  • SVG parser now correctly handles optional separator (,) between multiple command parts
  • Optimized parsing of png format string
  • The memory_datasource now dynamically reports correct datasource type (vector or raster)
  • Upgraded mapbox::variant@272f91c

Notable changes in the Mapnik SDK include:

  • none


  • vtile.query now returns WGS84 x_hit and y_hit values of the nearest point/vertex
  • Upgraded to nan@2.2.0
  • Upgraded to mapnik-vector-tile@0.14.4


  • Binaries updated to use Mapnik v3.0.9-57-g9494bc1 and mapnik-packaging@039aa0d

Notable Changes in Mapnik v3.0.9-57-g9494bc1 include:


  • BREAKING: shapefile index files must be regenerated if using the node-mapnik binaries which now default to Mapnik v3.0.9-48-gbb8cd10 (see Notable Changes in Mapnik below for details).
  • Upgraded to node-pre-gyp@0.6.19
  • Upgraded to mapnik-vector-tile@0.14.2
    • Fixed premultiplication bug in raster encoding (#170)
  • Binaries updated to use Mapnik v3.0.9-48-gbb8cd10 and mapnik-packaging@039aa0d

Notable Changes in Mapnik v3.0.9-48-gbb8cd10 include:

  • BREAKING: any .index files accompanying a .shp must now be regenerated otherwise an error will be throw like Error: invalid index file. To avoid this error you can either delete the existing .index files, or ideally run shapeindex (or mapnik-shapeindex.js) to recreate the .index. The trigger for this change was an optimization that required a new binary format for the shapefile indexes ( It was a mistake of @springmeyer to bring this into node-mapnik minor release (I'm sorry).
  • WARNING: index files generated with this newer Mapnik are invalid for older versions of Mapnik.
  • Compare:
  • The shapeindex command now has a --index-parts option
  • Upgraded mapbox::variant@3ac6e46
  • JSON parsing now supports arbitrary (nested) attributes in geometry

Notable changes in the Mapnik SDK include:

  • Upgrade libpng 1.6.19 -> 1.6.20
  • Upgrade webp 0.4.4 -> 0.5.0
  • Upgrade sqlite3 3.9.2 -> 3.10.0


  • Exposed image_scaling and image_format in vtile.composite (
    • Default format is now webp encoding rather than jpeg (to support transparency)
    • Default scaling is now bilinear rather than near
  • Binaries updated to use Mapnik v3.0.9-17-g75cb954 and mapnik-packaging@e29a81e

Notable Changes in Mapnik 3.0.9-17-g75cb954 include:

  • Support arbitrary (nested) attributes in JSON Geometry
  • Fixed shapeindex to avoid creating an index for null shapes


Notable Changes in Mapnik 3.0.9 include:

Notable changes in the Mapnik SDK include:

  • Upgrade harfbuzz 1.0.6 -> 1.1.2
  • Upgrade pixman 0.32.6 -> 0.32.8
  • Upgrade cairo 1.14.2 -> 1.14.4
  • Upgrade libxml2 2.9.2 -> 2.9.3
  • Upgrade postgres 9.4.0 -> 9.4.5
  • Upgrade libpng 1.6.18 -> 1.6.19
  • Upgrade icu_version 55.1 -> 56.1
  • Upgrade icu_version2 55_1 -> 56_1


  • Now bundling the mapnik-index command (
  • Added process_all_rings option to VectorTile.composite, VectorTile.addGeoJSON, and Map.render. This option enables invalid ring to be processed (and potentially kept during re-encoding) when creating vector tiles. By default this is set to false. Use with caution.
  • Added enum for all polygon fill types under mapnik.polygonFillType. Options are nonZero, evenOdd, positive, and negative
  • Added fill_type option to VectorTile.composite, VectorTile.addGeoJSON, and Map.render. By default this is set to mapnik.polygonFillType.nonZero
  • Added multi_polygon_union option to VectorTile.composite, VectorTile.addGeoJSON, and Map.render. By default this is set to true. This will cause multipolygons to undergo a union operation during vector tile creation.
  • Added simplify_distance option to VectorTile.composite.
  • Added max_extent (bbox) option to VectorTile.composite. By default it is unset which means no clipping extent will be used for the operation. If provided the data will be restricted to this extent.
    • Landed in
    • Previously compositing was using a hardcoded global extent of -20037508.34,-20037508.34,20037508.34,20037508.34 which meant that all vector tile data was being clipped to global extents. This was harmless in all cases except when data contained data outside of global extents intentionally in order to avoid rendering of lines and blurs being visible at tile boundaries.
  • Added reencode (boolean) option to VectorTile.composite. If true will trigger re-rendering even if the z/x/y of all tiles matches. If false (the default) then tiles will be concatenated for best performance.
  • Updated mapnik-vector-tile to v0.14.1
  • Binaries updated to use Mapnik v3.0.9-rc2 and mapnik-packaging@6f2f178

Notable Changes in Mapnik 3.0.9-rc2/3.0.8 include:

Notable changes in the Mapnik SDK include:

  • Upgrade freetype 2.6 -> 2.6.1
  • Upgrade proj 4.8.0 -> 4.9.2
  • Upgrade png 1.6.17 -> 1.6.18
  • Upgrade tiff 4.0.4 -> 4.0.6
  • Upgrade jpeg-turbo 1.4.1 -> 1.4.2
  • Upgrade GDAL 2.0.0 -> 2.0.1
  • Upgrade Harfbuzz 0.9.41 -> 1.0.6
  • Upgrade sqlite -> 3.9.2
  • Upgrade webp 0.4.3 -> 0.4.4


  • Updated to use mapnik-vector-tile 0.13.0
  • Linestrings will no longer contain repeated points when vector tiles are created
  • Added a new method called decode_geometry as an optional argument to toJSON for mapnik.VectorTile object this option provides decoded geometry in the raw form from the vector tile.
  • Updated to use a more recent version of the angus clipper library.
  • Binaries updated to use Mapnik v3.0.7 and mapnik-packaging@9606f72ef0

Notable Changes in Mapnik 3.0.7 include:

  • Fixed bugs in the PostGIS key_field_as_attribute behavior

Notable changes in the Mapnik SDK include:

  • Upgrade cairo 1.12.18 -> 1.14.2
  • Upgrade boost 1.58 -> 1.59


  • Now supporting Node v4.x
  • The new mapnik.Palette constructor no longer accepts a string - please pass a correctly encoded buffer.
  • Added reportGeometrySimplicity and reportGeometryValidity to mapnik.VectorTile. These check if the geometry in the vector tile is OGC simple or valid.
  • Added strictlySimple option when creating vector tiles.
  • Updated to use mapnik-vector-tile 0.12.0

Notable Changes in Mapnik 3.0.5 include:


  • Rebuilt with Mapnik 3.0.5
  • Added ability to create an image using a Buffer object. It should be noted that this should be used very carefully as the lifetime of the Image object is tied to that of the Buffer. If the buffer object is garbage collect this could result in a segfault.

Notable Changes in Mapnik 3.0.5 include:


  • Enhanced vtile.setData and vtile.getData to have async signatures if callback passed as last argument.
  • Enhanced vtile.setData to accept gzip and zlib compressed data.
  • Enhanced vtile.getData to accept options to gzip compress data before returning buffer like vtile.getData({compression:'gzip'})
  • Rebuilt with 0.10.0 of Mapnik Vector Tile. This changes the way that painted method returns in VectorTile classes.
  • In VectorTile object parse is no longer required please consider it depreciated.
  • VectorTile now utilizes the protozero library for lower memory vector tile operations.


  • Rebuilt against Mapnik 3.0.4

Notable changes in Mapnik SDK include:


  • Rebuilt against updated Mapnik SDK to fix mysterious zlib related build issue.


  • Upgrade to mapnik-vector-tile@0.9.2
  • Added Image.filter and Image.filterSync to filter images.
  • Binaries updated to use Mapnik v3.0.3
  • Upgrade to mapnik-vector-tile@0.9.3
    • Fixed multipoint encoding
    • Optimized geometry decoding

Notable changes in the Mapnik SDK include:

  • Fixed an issue with fields over size of int32 in OGR plugin (
  • Added 3 new image-filters to simulate types of colorblindness (color-blind-protanope,color-blind-deuteranope,color-blind-tritanope)
  • Fix so that null text boxes have no bounding boxes when attempting placement ( 162f82cba5b0fb984c425586c6a4b354917abc47 )
  • Patch to add legacy method for setting JPEG quality in images ( #3024 )
  • Added filter_image method which can modify an image in place or return a new image that is filtered
  • Added missing typedef's in mapnik::geometry to allow experimenting with different containers


  • Added Image.fromSVG, Image.fromSVGBytes and the equivilent Sync functions for each
  • Binaries updated to use Mapnik v3.0.2 and mapnik-packaging@049968d24

Notable changes in the Mapnik SDK include:

  • Added container to log SVG parsing errors
  • Reimplemented to use rapidxml for parsing XML (DOM)
  • Support both xml:id and id attributes ( xml:id takes precedence )
  • Added parse_id_from_url using boost::spirit
  • Added error tracking when parsing doubles
  • Unit tests for svg_parser to improve coverage
  • Fixed rx/ry validation for rounded_rect
  • Fixed dimensions parsing
  • Remove libxml2 dependency


  • Installing like npm install mapnik --toolset=v140 now installs windows binaries built with Visual Studio 2015 (rather than 2014 CTP4)
  • Added support for buffer_size in addGeoJSON (#457)
  • Fixed bug in render method of VectorTile where invalid parameters could cause a segfault.
  • Added mapnik.Image.resize method that enables images to be resized.
  • Now setting VRT_SHARED_SOURCE=0 (#437)
  • Removed usage of V8::AdjustAmountOfExternalAllocatedMemory in mapnik.Image and mapnik.Grid (#136)
  • Upgraded to node-pre-gyp@0.6.9
  • Upgrade to mapnik-vector-tile@0.8.5
    • Updated vector tile clipping so that it throws out polygons outside bbox of tile
  • Binaries updated to use Mapnik v3.0.1 and mapnik-packaging@049968d24

Notable changes in the Mapnik SDK include:

  • Update gdal 1.11.2->2.0.0
  • Update freetype 2.5.5->2.6
  • Update harfbuzz 0.9.40->0.9.41
  • Changed the offset algorithm such that offsets now will always be positive to the left of the direction of the path
  • Increased performance of text rendering
  • Fixed text placement performance after #2949 (#2963)
  • Fixed rendering behavior for text-minimum-path-length which regressed in 3.0.0 (#2990)
  • Fixed handling of xml:id in SVG parsing (#2989)
  • Fixed handling of out of range rx and ry in SVG rect (#2991)
  • Fixed reporting of envelope from mapnik::memory_datasource when new features are added (#2985)
  • Fixed parsing of GeoJSON when unknown properties encountered at FeatureCollection level (#2983)
  • Fixed parsing of GeoJSON when properties contained {} (#2964)
  • Fixed potential hang due to invalid use of line-geometry-transform (6d6cb15)
  • Moved unmaintained plugins out of core: osm, occi, and rasterlite (#2980)


  • mapnik.imageType is now passed in options to new mapnik.Image
  • Upgrade to mapnik-vector-tile@0.8.4
  • Fixes support for decoding known degenerate polygons (from AGG clipper)
  • Fixes support for handling data in alternative projections
  • Fixes support for geometry collections
  • Fixes support for skipping out of range coordinates to avoid aborting polygon clipping
  • Includes fixes to clipper to avoid aborting on out of range coordinates
  • Fixed support for gracefully handling proj4 transformation errors
  • Upgraded to node-pre-gyp@0.6.7
  • Binaries updated to use Mapnik v3.x (master branch) at 39eab41 and mapnik-packaging@3ab051556e

Notable changes in the Mapnik SDK include:

  • Fixed potential crash when rendering metatiles to webp
  • Now throws on missing style when loading map in strict mode
  • Now handling when proj4 returns HUGE_VAL
  • Fixed crash when jpeg reader is used to open a png
  • Fixed gamma pollution for dot symbolizer
  • Purged usage of boost::ptr_vector and boost::unordered_map
  • Support for GDAL 2.0
  • Update boost 1.57.0->1.58.0
  • Update icu 1.54.1->1.55.1
  • Update sqlite>
  • Update png 1.6.16->1.6.17
  • Update tiff 4.0.4beta->4.0.4
  • Update jpeg-turbo 1.4.0->1.4.1


  • Ugraded to Mapnik 3.x version with totally new geometry storage
  • Upgrade to mapnik-vector-tile@0.8.0
  • Upgraded to node-pre-gyp@0.6.5
  • Added an additional parameter to Projection initialization. This prevents the initialization of a proj4 object internally. This will only be useful when reprojecting from epsg:4326 to epsg:3857 and vise versa.
  • Binaries updated to use Mapnik v3.x (master branch) at 126c777.


  • Added support for a variety of different grayscale images and mapnik.imageType list
    • mapnik.imageType.null
    • mapnik.imageType.rgba8
    • mapnik.imageType.gray8
    • mapnik.imageType.gray8s
    • mapnik.imageType.gray16
    • mapnik.imageType.gray16s
    • mapnik.imageType.gray32
    • mapnik.imageType.gray32s
    • mapnik.imageType.gray32f
    • mapnik.imageType.gray64
    • mapnik.imageType.gray64s
    • mapnik.imageType.gray64f
  • Added the ability to return colors optionally with getPixel on Image objects
  • Added new constructors for Color object
  • Added the concept of premultiplied to Image and Color objects
  • Image objects no longer have a background property
  • Added fill and fillSync methods to Image objects to replace background property
  • Added imageCopy to copy an image into a new image type
  • Image rgba8 objects are not automatically premultiplied prior to using composite operation
  • Added image view support for all new grayscale image types
  • Modified tolerance option on query and queryMany to only include features within that tolerance into the vector tile.
  • Modified the renderSync method on the Map object to only take an optional parameters object. Format can still be set by passing format as a optional argument. This was done so that it mirrors renderFileSync. The default format if none is provide is 'png'
  • Changed name of method hsl2rgb2 to hsl2rgb
  • Changed name of method rgb2hsl2 to rgb2hsl
  • Removed format parameter from Grid and GridView objects encode and encodeSync methods as it had no affect.
  • Added active, queryable, clear_label_cache, minzoom, and maxzoom property to Layer objects
  • Added compositeSync to VectorTile object.
  • Changed composite in VectorTile to accept a callback
  • Upgraded to nan@1.7.0 and mapnik-vector-tile@0.7.1
  • Changed boolean on Parameters for Map object such that 1 and 0 are no longer boolean but integers.
  • Binaries updated to use Mapnik v3.x (master branch) at 3270d42b74821ac733db169487b5cd5d5748c1e6 and mapnik-packaging@6638de9b5b

Notable changes in the Mapnik SDK include:

  • Changes:
  • Mapnik TopoJSON plugin now supports optional bbox property on layer
  • Various improvements to Mapnik pgraster plugin
  • Mapnik GDAL plugin now keeps datasets open for the lifetime of the datasource (rather than per featureset)
  • Mapnik GDAL plugin now has optimized nodata handling for RGB images.
  • Mapnik no longer calls dlclose on gdal.input (mapnik/mapnik#2716)
  • Upgraded Clipper to v6.2.8 / svn r492.
  • Upgraded libtiff to 4.0.4beta
  • Upgraded libjpeg-turbo to 1.4.0
  • Upgraded GDAL to 1.11.2
  • Upgraded harfbuzz to 0.9.38


  • Now supporting IO.js 1.x and Node v0.12.x
  • Optimized vtile.addGeoJSON by switching to Mapnik native GeoJSON plugin internally rather than OGR.
  • Upgraded to node-pre-gyp@0.6.4


  • Security Fix: now throwing error instead of abort when vtile.getData() is called which needs to produce a node::Buffer larger than node::Buffer::kMaxLength (bed994a). However this condition did not previously happen due to integer overflow which is now also fixed (#371)
  • Now handling C++ exceptions in vt.composite to prevent possible abort (although none could be replicated)
  • Removed nik2img from binary packages (not useful since it duplicates ./bin/mapnik-render.js)
  • Added stress test benchmarks that live in ./bench folder of git repo
  • Added isSolid method to Image object
  • When making vector tiles that are larger then 64 MB changed node so that it would no longer through an abort but rather an exception
  • Added extra meta data for some datasource associated with the use of the describe method on datasources

Notable changes in the Mapnik SDK include:

  • Changes:
  • shapeindex now works properly for point 3d shapes
  • Improved auto-detection of geometry_table from sql subselects for PostGIS plugin
  • Fixed hextree encoder (will produce non-visible image differences)
  • Fixed bugs in GeoJSON parser
  • GroupSymbolizer now supports MarkersSymbolizer and not PointSymbolizer


  • Fixed bugs in VectorTile.toGeoJSON to ensure properly formatted JSON output.
  • Cleanup of Javascript code and tests using JSLint.
  • Added preliminary support for building against Nan v1.5.0 and IO.js v1.0.1 (but still using Nan v1.4.1 for the time being)
  • Added mapnik.versions.mapnik_git_describe to get access to the git details of the Mapnik version node-mapnik was built against.
  • Fixed mapnik-inspect.js script.
  • Binaries updated to use Mapnik v3.x (master branch) at 8063fa0 and mapnik-packaging@0cc6382

Notable changes in the Mapnik SDK include:

  • Changes:
  • Fixed marker properties to not override svg fill:none or stroke:none, which avoids unintended colorization of svg symbols
  • Added support for text-transform:reverse
  • Fixed utf8 output in json properties grammar
  • Upgraded to latest Mapbox Variant
  • Upgrade freetype 2.5.4 -> 2.5.5
  • Upgrade libpng 1.6.15 -> 1.6.16
  • Upgrade cairo 1.12.16 -> 1.12.18
  • Still pinned to harfbuzz 7d5e7613ced3dd39d05df83c


  • Now vt.composite buffer-size defaults to 1 instead of 256 and tolerance defaults to 8 instead of 1.
  • Improvements to internals of mapnik.blend
  • Fixed rare error when reading image data with the async mapnik.Image.fromBytes
  • Binaries updated to use Mapnik v3.x (master branch) at 1faaf595 and mapnik-packaging@5a436d45e3513

Notable changes in the Mapnik SDK include:

  • New and experimental dot symbolizer.
  • GeoJSON/TopoJSON plugin now returns correct ids even if rendered twice.
  • font-feature-settings is now respected per text item.
  • image_data internals were refactored.
  • Ignore overviews with 0 scale in pgraster (@rafatower)
  • Fixed support for handling all SQLite columns (@StevenLooman)
  • Upgrade libpng 1.6.14->1.6.15
  • Upgrade freetype 2.5.3->2.5.4
  • Upgrade sqlite 3080701->3080704
  • Upgrade postgres 9.3.4->9.4.0
  • Upgrade openssl 1.0.1i->1.0.1j
  • Upgrade harfbuzz 0.9.35->0.9.37/7d5e7613ced3dd39d05df83ca7e8952cbecd68f6


  • Now providing 32 bit windows binaries in addition to 64 bit


  • Added Map.registerFonts()
  • Upgraded to node-pre-gyp@0.6.1
  • Aliased mapnik.register_fonts() -> mapnik.registerFonts(), mapnik.register_datasources() -> mapnik.registerDatasources().
  • Binaries updated to use Mapnik v3.x (master branch) at 2577a6c and mapnik-packaging@759c4a32ba


  • Added mapnik.Logger
  • Added Map.loadFonts, Map.fonts(), Map.fontFiles(), Map.fontDirectory(), and Map.memoryFonts()
  • Added Feature.fromJSON and Feature.geometry
  • Added Geometry.toJSON
  • Removed: Feature.numGeometries, Feature.addAttributes, and Feature.addGeometry
  • BREAKING: VectorTile.toGeoJSON now returns a string
  • VectorTile.toGeoJSON now supports multigeometries and is async if callback is passed
  • Dropped build dependency on pkg-config (protobuf headers and libs are assumed to be installed at paths reported by mapnik-config)
  • Upgraded Nan to v1.4.0
  • Upgraded to mapnik-vector-tile@v0.6.1
  • Binaries updated to use Mapnik v3.x (master branch) at bff4465 and mapnik-packaging@fdc5b659d4

Notable changes in binaries:

  • Restored support for OS X 10.8

Notable changes in the Mapnik SDK include:

  • GDAL updated to 0334c2bed93f2
  • ICU 53.1 -> 54.1
  • xml2 2.9.1 -> 2.9.2
  • webp 0.4.0 -> 0.4.2
  • libpng 1.6.13 -> 1.6.14
  • sqlite 3.8.6 ->
  • boost 1.56 -> 1.57
  • protobuf 2.5.0 -> 2.6.1


  • Binaries updated to use Mapnik v3.x (master branch) at b90763469a and mapnik-packaging@f9e1c81b39
  • shapeindex and nik2img are now bundled


  • Binaries updated to use Mapnik v3.x (master branch) at 6b1c4d00e5 and mapnik-packaging@f9ec0f8d95


  • Fixed incorrect bundled deps


  • Upgraded Nan to v1.3.0
  • Binaries updated to use Mapnik v3.x (master branch) at 7bc956e and mapnik-packaging@9c7c9de


  • Binaries updated to use Mapnik v3.x (master branch) at 5a1126b


  • New 3.x series targeting Mapnik 3.x / C++11
  • Binaries for OS X require >= 10.9
  • Binaries for Linux require >= Ubuntu 14.04
  • First release providing binaries for Windows x64

Notable changes in binaries:

Notable changes in the Mapnik SDK include:

  • GDAL updated to 3fdc6e72b6e5cba
  • Libtiff updated to 14bca0edd83
  • Upgraded libpng from 1.6.12 -> 1.6.13


  • Upgraded to mapnik-vector-tile@0.5.5 for faster raster rendering


  • IMPORTANT: changes to shield placement (see Mapnik SDK notes below)
  • Added mapnik.VectorTile.empty() to check if a vector tile has any features (reports true if tile contains layers without features)
  • Avoid startup error if $HOME environment is not known
  • Fixed all tests on windows
  • Experimental: mapnik.VectorTile now accepts variables object in render options.
  • Experimental: Added mapnik.Map.clone method to create a shallow copy of a map object (datasources are still shared)

Notable changes in binaries:

  • Binaries updated to use Mapnik v2.3.x at 5ae55a07e and mapnik-packaging@b923eda6a
  • Enabled -DSVG_RENDERER, libtiff, and webp support for windows binaries

Notable changes in the Mapnik SDK include:


  • Added mapnik.Map.aspect_fix_mode (#177)

Notable changes in binaries:

  • Binaries updated to use Mapnik v2.3.x at d62365c and mapnik-packaging@f012b82e6a

Notable changes in the Mapnik SDK include:

  • OGR Plugin no longer throws if layer is empty
  • Added new aspect_fix_mode called RESPECT that is a no-op
  • Upgraded harfbuzz from 0.9.32 -> 0.9.35


  • Fixed broken postgis.input plugin in binary package (#286)
  • New mapnik.VectorTile.queryMany method (@rsudekum)
  • Fixed mismatched new/delete in UTF8 grid encoding code (#278)
  • Updated to compile against latest Mapnik 3.x development version
  • Tweaked internal tracker of map concurrent usage to release before callback (should prevent spurious warnings like at mapbox/tilelive-mapnik#83)
  • Added missing invert-rgb compositing option (@mojodna)

Notable changes in binaries:

  • Now built with -DSVG_RENDERER enabled
  • Now compiled and linked with clang++-3.4 on linux instead of g++
  • Now using a versioned binary module directory within lib/binding/.
  • Binaries updated to use Mapnik v2.3.x at a616e9d and mapnik-packaging@a5dbe90c61

Notable changes in the Mapnik SDK include:

  • Faster font i/o
  • Fixed support for multi-face font collections (.ttc files)
  • Fixed comp-op:color compositing to preserve luma (@mojodna)
  • Made png format string mean full color png (again) rather than paletted png8
  • OGR Plugin now accepts optional extent parameter (@kernelsanders)
  • New, experimental pgraster plugin (@strk)
  • Upgraded postgres from 9.3.3 -> 9.3.4
  • Upgraded harfbuzz from 0.9.29 -> 0.9.32
  • Upgraded png from 1.6.10 -> 1.6.12
  • Upgraded pixman from 0.32.4->0.32.6
  • Removed dependence on fontconfig


  • Never happened (npm shasum for published package was busted)


  • Fixed version of bundled node-pre-gyp


  • New mapnik.blend function that implements the node-blend API (
  • Now supporting node v0.11.x via Nan@1.2.0
  • Binaries updated to use Mapnik v2.3.x at 7c7da1a2f and mapnik-packaging@1bbd8d560e9

Notable changes in the Mapnik SDK include:


  • Never happened (npm shasum for published package was busted)


  • Added function to compare the pixels of two images.
  • Fixed build issue leading to broken ogr.input Mapnik plugin
  • Auto-registers fonts found in paths via the MAPNIK_FONT_PATH environment variable


  • vtile.parse no longer throws if vtile was previously composited but no new data resulted.
  • Fixed compile problem on some linux/bsd systems
  • Binaries updated to use Mapnik v2.3.x at g7960be5 and mapnik-packaging@f007d6f1a6

Notable changes in the Mapnik SDK include:



  • Updated to mapnik-vector-tile@0.5.0
  • Subtle VectorTile.composite bugs fixed to handle both tiles created from setData and those just rendered to.
  • VectorTile.fromGeoJSON method changed to VectorTile.addGeoJSON
  • Removed initializing and cleaning up global libxml2 structures because XML2 is no longer the default in node-mapnik binaries (#239)
  • Added support for pre-pending PATH when set in mapnik_settings.js (#258)
  • Binaries updated to use Mapnik v2.3.x at ed3afe5 and mapnik-packaging@5f9f0e0375

Notable changes in the Mapnik SDK include:


  • VectorTile constructor now accepts optional 4th arg of options which respects width or height
  • VectorTile.query now returns Feature objects with layer and distance properties
  • New VectorTile.fromGeoJSON function to turn GeoJSON into a tile layer
  • New appveyor file for continuous builds on windows
  • Binaries updated to use Mapnik v2.3.x at 94e78f2ae4 and mapnik-packaging@45536bd3c9

Notable changes in the Mapnik SDK include:


  • Now initializing and cleaning up global libxml2 structures to ensure safe async map loading (#239)
  • Fix publishing of mapnik package to npm to include bundled node-pre-gyp.
  • Binaries updated to use Mapnik v2.3.x at ce1ff99 and mapnik-packaging@49d8c3b.

Notable changes in Mapnik 2.3.x include:

  • mapnik line joins are now faster by discarding more nearly coincident points
  • postgis.input now links to fewer authentication libraries by only linking to libararies libpq was built against

Notable changes in the Mapnik SDK include:

  • ICU upgraded to 53.1 from 52.1
  • jpeg-turbo 1.3.1 is now used in place of libjpeg 8d (better performance likely)
  • sqlite3 upgraded to 3080401 from 3080200
  • webp upgraded to 0.4.0 from 0.3.1 (better performance likely)
  • postgres upgraded to 9.3.3 from 9.3.1
  • fontconfig upgraded to 2.11.0 from 2.10.0
  • libpng upgraded to 1.6.10 from 1.6.8
  • gdal upgraded to git master @ 0c10ddaa71


  • Binaries updated to use Mapnik v.2.3.x at 818e87d.
  • Improved build support for OS X Mavericks by autodetecting if linking against libc++ should be preferred.
  • mapnik.register_system_fonts() now registers opentype fonts as well as truetype fonts on linux (#231)

Notable changes in Mapnik 2.3.x include:

  • a potential double free was fixed in mapnik::projection
  • postgis plugin error reporting was fixed
  • postgis plugin !bbox! token replacement was fixed to use max instead of max


  • First series to default to providing binaries with npm install (bundling Mapnik v2.3.x at f202197)


  • Made vt.composite reentrant


  • Updated to mapnik-vector-tile@0.4.2


  • Pinned mapnik-vector-tile dependency to v0.4.1


  • Support for Mapnik 3.x


  • Updated to mapnik-vector-tile@0.4.0 with more encoding fixes and triggers VT layers without features to no longer be encoded
  • Every layer in a vector tile that matches a layer in the mapnik.Map is now rendered and not just the first (#213)
  • Added VectorTile.composite API
  • Fixed exception handling for VectorTile.isSolid
  • Datasource plugins must now be explicitly registered with mapnik.register_default_input_plugins, mapnik.register_datasource, or register_datasources as all default plugins are no longer automatically registered at startup.
  • Disabled mapnik.Expression object since this is not used by any known applications
  • Added mapnik.register_datasource to register a single datasource plugin.


  • Upgraded to mapnik-vector-tile@0.3.4 with multipart geometry fixes
  • Added toWKT/toWKB on mapnik.Feature
  • Added getPixel/setPixel on mapnik.Image
  • Added mapnik.VectorTile.query ability - accepts lon/lat in wgs84 and tolerances (in meters) returns array of features
  • Improvements to node-gyp path resolution in auxiliary Makefile and configure wrapper
  • Added mapnik-config --ldflags to build by default (not just when static linking)


  • Fixed windows build against Mapnik 2.3.0
  • Fixed call - which was string data in invalid way
  • Upgraded to mapnik-vector-tile@0.3.3
  • Fixed build on OS X against node v0.6.x (tested v0.6.22)
  • Deprecated the Datasource.features() call #180


  • Added more details to mapnik.supports API including grid,proj4,webp,jpeg,png,svg,cairo_pdf,cairo_svg, and threadsafe
  • Added more constants for available comp-op values


  • Map.render (when rendering to a VectorTile) and VectorTile.render now expect buffer_size option to be passed and ignores map.BufferSize (#175)
  • Removed devDependencies so that mocha and sphericalmecator need to be manually installed to run tests
  • Tweaked gyp Release configuration to ensure binaries are stripped and built with highest level of optimization
  • Added support for detecting --runtime_link=static flag to npm install that can trigger linking against all Mapnik dependencies (not just libmapnik)
  • Added support


  • Gyp binding cleanups
  • Removed direct icu::UnicodString usage to ensure robust compiles against icu build with -DUSING_ICU_NAMESPACE=0
  • Fixed variable shadowing issue in vtile -> geojson code
  • Disabled default debug symbol generation to speed up builds


  • Upgraded to mapnik-vector-tile 3.0.x API


  • Fixed extent of vector::tile_datasource to be sensitive to map buffer (TODO - long term plan is to make extent optional instead of adding support for layer specific buffered extent) - this is needed for avoiding too restrictive filtering of features at render time.
  • Fixed exception handling when creating geojson from vector tile
  • Build fixes to support python 3.x
  • Now accepting scale_denominator, scale, and format in options passed to map.RenderSync


  • Added support for node v0.11.x
  • Added async versions of Image methods: fromBytes, open, premultiply, demultiply
  • Added experimental support for rendering vector tiles to SVG. renderer option (either cairo or svg) controls whether cairo or native svg renderer is used
  • Exposed map.bufferedExtent property to access the buffered extent
  • Changed Image.composite function to accept offsets (dx and dy), comp_op, image_filters, and opacity in options.
  • Fixed missing exception translation for MemoryDatasource and Image constructors
  • Fixed invalid default for scale in map.render
  • Implemented mapnik.Image.fromBytes (#147)


  • Dropped support for Mapnik versions older than v2.2.0
  • Moved build system to node-gyp - now supports node v0.10.x
  • Fonts are not longer auto-registered. Call mapnik.register_default_fonts() to register "DejaVu" set that is often bundled by Mapnik and call mapnik.register_system_fonts() to register fonts are various known system paths.
  • New mapnik.VectorTile API


  • Fixed tests after removal of example code (tests depended on it)



  • Header include refactoring to ensure clean compiles again Mapnik 2.0.x, 2.1.x, and 2.2.x


  • Fix compile with latest Mapnik 2.2-pre ( header)
  • Exposed Map.scale() (stefanklug)
  • More fixes for 64 bit integer support


  • Fix compile with Mapnik 2.1 (stefanklug)
  • Support 64 bit integers in grid types in anticipation of mapnik/mapnik#1662


  • Adapts to mapnik master's move to supporting 64 bit integers using mapnik::value_integer


  • Report null values in mapnik features as javascript null rather than undefined


  • Added sync/async clear() method to enable re-use of mapnik.Image and mapnik.Grid objects from a cache
  • Made ImageView and GridView isSolid() methods async if a callback is passed
  • Made async isSolid() return pixel value as second arg
  • Fixed code examples to work with generic-pool 2.x
  • Improved error reporting when an invalid image format is requested
  • Fixed possible edge-case memory corruption when encoding grids whose width != height


  • Fixed handling of datasource exception when calculating extent



  • Minor compiler warning fixes



  • Keep chasing Mapnik 2.2.0-pre API changes in symbolizers



  • Fixed compile with <= Mapnik 2.1.0



  • Keep chasing Mapnik 2.2.0-pre API changes in singletons



  • Fixed compile with Mapnik 2.2.0-pre



  • Makefile wrapper around node-waf now allows NPROCS option to be set.
  • Allow configure to work against Mapnik 2.2.0-pre without warning.



  • Fixed broken usage of V8::AdjustAmountOfExternalAllocatedMemory which could trigger unneeded garbage collection pauses. (@strk)



  • Fixed compile against Mapnik 2.0.x



  • remove debug output when locally customized environment settings are pushed into process.env



  • Further optimize grid encoding
  • Allow passing scale_factor to render to file functions (#109)
  • Reference count Image and Grid objects in use by View objects to avoid possible scope issues resulting in segfaults when v8 garbage collects (#89, #110)



  • Speed up grid encoding when featuresets are large: 12s -> 4s for processed_p at full zoom
  • Throw upon errors in grid rendering test
  • Fix mapnik version check in grid_view pixel value test
  • Amend expected test failures per version to account for platform differences in whether hidden fonts are around