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MapOSMatic is a web application to generate maps of cities or towns,
including index of streets, from OpenStreetMap data.

It is made of two components:

 * maposmatic, the web front-end. An application written using the
   Django framework allows to submit and visualize map rendering jobs.
   The rendering is done in the background by a daemon;

 * ocitysmap, the back-end that generates the map. It is available as a
   Python module, used both by the maposmatic daemon (above) and by a
   sample command line application.

This source tree contains maposmatic, the web front-end.

It is licensed under under GNU AGPLv3 (GNU Affero General Public
License 3.0).


The .po files are stored in www/locale/<locale>/LC_MESSAGES/. To
generate or update a .po file:

  cd www/
  ./manage.py makemessages --no-wrap -a # for all locales


  cd www/
  ./manage.py makemessages --no-wrap -l xx_XX # for one locale

Note: Django 1.3 is needed for the --no-wrap option.

Then, edit the .po file manually, or using a graphical tool such as
poedit (available in the Debian/Ubuntu package of the same name). Once
done, don't forget to compile the .po file into an .mo file using:

 ./manage.py compilemessages

WARNING: There is a known bug in Django makemessages 1.2.x (and maybe
         other versions are affected as well): percent (%) signs in
         {%blocktrans%} tags are doubled (%%). This defeats the
         matching of a msgid against source code. As a workaround, %%
         signs in .po files must be replaced by single % signs. This
         is typically needed for the Wikipedia URL pointing to the
         Hacker culture.

         In order to workaround this bug, we recommend running:

         find locale/ -name 'django.po' | xargs sed -i 's/%%/%/g'

         after the execution of the makemessages command.