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Views Repository

This repository contains software for auto-generating views of Mappings and Elements, along with the resulting Views.

Build Status

If the build fails, use the following link and login to Travis with the shared account to view the log.


Pushing to the master branch of either Mappings or Elements will trigger the build process and (if there are no errors) deployment. While working on adding mappings or elements, it is a good idea to use npm run build from the views repo to test that the mappings or elements you've added don't break the build. In order to do this, you must run npm link from the repositor(y/ies) you are editing, and then npm link mapping-hub-elements and/or npm link mapping-hub-mappings from the view repository first.

Build Process

This is how the mappinghub deployment works:

  • When the master branch of either Mapping or Element repositories update, github triggers [Travis CI] to run a small script.
  • This script creates a curl request that triggers the build process for this repository.
  • Travis pulls the most recent versions of both Mappings and Elements from dependency URLs defined in package.json.
  • Travis runs NPM build process:
    • NPM build calls this script twice, creating the files and directory structure for the deployment of both Elements and Mappings.
    • The Gulp script uses the static template in ./site to
      • copy files to deployment directory
      • construct a new version of the site, including filling in build # from the environment variable: TRAVIS_BUILD_NUMBER
  • Travis runs NPM test, if that fails, it is not deployed
  • Travis deploys to


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