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Mapping Violence recovers lost and obscured cases of racial violence in Texas from 1900 to 1930, a period of now largely forgotten bloodshed. Making these histories public is a crucial step towards reckoning with the long legacies of violence.

This timeline documents actions by survivors (left) and the state (right) following the Porvenir Massacre. This timeline includes photographs, maps, documents, and visualizations to help discuss the erasure and commemoration of the Porvenir Massacre over the last century, culminating in the 100th anniversary in 2018.

This timeline is adapted from chapter 3, "Denial of Justice", in Monica Muñoz Martinez's book, The Injustice Never Leaves You: Anti-Mexican Violence, published by Harvard University Press in September 2018.


This timeline makes use of several repositories.

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Copyright and License

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Hello my name is

Emily Esten, MA in Public Humanities at Brown University (2018). I am also a Researcher and Collaborator on the Mapping Violence project. Visit my personal website and I tweet at @sheishistoric.

Monica Muñoz Martinez is Stanley J. Bernstein Assistant Professor of American Studies and Ethnic Studies at Brown University and an Andrew Carnegie Fellow. She is cofounder of the nonprofit organization Refusing to Forget, which calls for a public reckoning with racial violence in Texas. Martinez helped develop an award-winning exhibit on racial terror in the early twentieth century for the Bullock Texas State History Museum and worked to secure four state historical markers along the U.S.–Mexico border.

Mapping Violence is a multifaceted project that includes compiling a digital archive of histories of racial violence, researching documented cases, curating content (including digital tours and historical essays), and an interactive map. Read about all members of the team.