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- include docs
- remove recursive-exclude statements to avoid missing files warnings
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1 parent faae575 commit 944e9de6528502056dd0f67d74582c3b863d519a @olt olt committed Apr 3, 2013
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@@ -5,5 +5,19 @@ include LICENSE.txt
include CHANGES.txt
include COPYING.txt
-recursive-include mapproxy *
-recursive-exclude mapproxy *.pyc *.class *.pyd .DS_Store *.rej *.orig *.lck .empty
+include doc/GM.txt
+include doc/*.yaml
+include doc/yaml/*.yaml
+include doc/Makefile
+include doc/*.rst
+include doc/
+include doc/imgs/*.png
+include doc/_static/*.png
+recursive-include doc/_themes *.html *.conf *.css_t
+recursive-include mapproxy/config_template *.ini *.wsgi *.yaml
+recursive-include mapproxy/image/fonts *.ttf LICENSE
+recursive-include mapproxy/service/templates *.css *.cfg *.gif *.png *.xml *.html *.js
+recursive-include mapproxy/test/schemas *.xml *.xsd *.dtd *.wsdl *.txt
+recursive-include mapproxy/test/system/fixture *.yaml *.mbtiles *.geojson *.xml *.jpeg *.png *.py
+recursive-include mapproxy/test/unit epsg *.dbf *.shp *.shx

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