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:computer: A website for sharing and developing code for DCPU16, from Mojang's game 0x10c.
Branch: master - Makes sharing 0x10c code easy!

Uses MongoDB and Express.

Make sure you have nodejs, mongodb and npm installed on your machine.

Install Software


sudo apt-get install nodejs mongodb

Other Distros.

Install or compile Node.JS ( and MongoDB (

Install Node Package Manager

Obviously skip this if you already have npm installed

curl | sudo sh

Install Required Node.JS Packages

npm install


Copy the example configuration and modify to suit your environment (if needed).

cp config_example.js config.js
vim config.js


node app.js

Setup as Ubuntu Upstart Service

This service example uses supervisor to keep the process alive.

sudo npm install supervisor -g
sudo cp ubuntu.upstart.conf /etc/init/0x10code.conf
sudo vim /etc/init/0x10code.conf

Modify the server path and the execution user accordingly. You will now be able to start/top the server using:

start 0x10code
stop 0x10code

The default setup is to start the server automatically upon server startup. You can change these instructions in the 0x10code.conf file.

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