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API for the application developer

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API for the application developer


  • MapQuery is initialised with $(mapselector).mapQuery({options});
  • A widget is initialised with $(selector).mqWidget({options}); options must contain map:'mapselector'


Next to the core map widget, MapQuery has a growing number of other widgets to build rich mapping applications.

Widgets that are currently available

  • Map
  • mqLayerManager: Manipulate layer order, visibility, opacity, remove layers
  • mqMousePosition: Display the mouse position in map coordinates (or should it be mqMapPosition(pixX, pixY)?)
  • mqGetFeatureInfo/mqPopup: Get information from the map for a given screen location)
  • mqOverviewMap: Small inset map showing a box that represents the current map extent in a larger overview area
  • mqZoomButtons: Add a zoom in, zoom out and optional a home button to the map
  • mqZoomSlider: Add a zoomslider to the map

Posible new widgets

  • mqLegend: Display a legend for a layer
  • mqTOC: Table Of Contents - select/remove layers choosing from a large list of layers
  • mqGeocode: Get location and extent from a geographical name
  • mqScaleBar: Bar to visualize current map scale
  • mqMeasure: Lets users measure distances on the map, displays distance in widget area
  • mqHistory: Attach map actions such as zoom and layer manipulations to browser history
  • mqPermalink: Creates and executes hyperlinks to recreate map zoom and layer configurations
  • mqEdit: lets users manipulate vector features and their attributes
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