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Java application that shows how to build a REST API with OJAI & MapR-DB
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MapR-DB REST Application

This project shows how to integrate MapR-DB JSON and Java with the OJAI API to build a REST Application.

It contains:

  • A Main class that start Jetty Server and configure a REST Interface using JAX-RS
  • Swagger to easily access the API http
  • An Angular JS Application that consumes this API


  • Java SDK 7 or newer
  • Maven 3
  • MapR 5.1 Sandbox or Cluster

In your MapR-DB environment, using a terminal, create the following folder, and change the permissions:

ssh mapr@maprdemo
cd /mapr/

chmod 777 apps

mkdir apps/blog

chmod 777 apps/blog


Clone this repository, then

mvn clean package

To Run the application:

mvn exec:java -Dexec.mainClass=""

Once the server is started you can access the Swagger UI using the following URI:

Or the Web applications

You can use the Web application to create a user and a blog post.

Then in the Swagger UI you can discover some interesting features:

  • Create user from a predefined JSON Object (POJO)
  • Create user from "any" JSON String
  • List users using a simple projection
  • Update user to add a nickname, add interests, and remove these attributes. You see here the flexible schema in action
  • Query users by interest (list)
  • Similar features are exposed in the Articles REST API.
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