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MapR Kubernetes Data Fabric
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Most Pods in a Kubernetes environment should be portable, short-lived, and stateless. Traditionally, when a Pod is stopped or moved, the state of its containers could be lost. The MapR Data Fabric for Kubernetes:

  • Provides long-lived, persistent storage for Pods and their containers.
  • Allows containers running in Kubernetes to use the MapR filesystem for all of their storage needs.
  • Allows secure storage of all container states in MapR-XD.

The MapR Data Fabric for Kubernetes consists of a set of Docker containers and their respective .yaml configuration files for installation into Kubernetes. Once installed, both a Kubernetes FlexVolume Driver for MaprFS and a Kubernetes Dynamic Volume Provisioner are available for both static and dynamic provisioning of MapR storage.

The structure of this project is as follows:

  • The build folder contains the docker images to build the MapR Data Fabric for Kubernetes
  • The deploy folder contains the YAML files for product installation in Kubernetes
  • The examples folder contains a set of example YAML files that create pods connecting to the data fabric
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