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A Ruby on Rails example application with authentication built from scratch.
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A Ruby on Rails example application with authentication built from scratch.


Full-featured solutions like the Devise engine are often a good choice when authentication is needed. However, I prefer to implement authentication in a Rails app from scratch as I find it much easier to customize than a Rails engine.

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The authentication needs covered are:

  • Signing up
  • Confirming sign-up by email
  • Logging in/out (with email and password)
  • Logging in/out with Omniauth
  • Remembering logged in user
  • Resetting password
  • Tracking users (like e.g. last login, last activity, etc.)

The application is inspired by Ryan Bates' excellent railscasts on authentication and the nifty_authentication generator. I made several modifications to the original code base, added other features (Confirmable, Trackable, Omniauthable), wired everything together into a fully functional Ruby on Rails application, and thoroughly tested everything (mainly unit and integration tests with RSpec and Capybara).

It also takes inspiration from Devise.


Just git clone the application, cd to the root folder and run


and then

rake db:migrate

rails server -b localhost

The app works ok on Ruby ~> 1.9.2.


Run the tests with

bundle exec rspec spec


  • Lockable
  • Timeoutable
  • Account deletion
  • Migrate to Postgres + add indexes


In case of any problems with the app, please file an issue here on Github.

If you want to contribute, please fork the project and send me a pull request (tested with RSpec).

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