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MapRoulette 🎰

MapRoulette is a quality assurance platform for OpenStreetMap. The live website is at

MapRoulette helps you connect with your OpenStreetMap Community! Whether you're an individual mapper looking to check off a to-do list of mapping tasks, a community organizer looking to make your events more engaging, or a map QA team lead looking for a tool to add process to your OSM QA backlog: MapRoulette should be high on your list of tools to use!

Some of the things you can do with MapRoulette:

  • Solve some tasks to make the map better!
  • Create a public MapRoulette Challenge, consisting of small mapping tasks for the OSM community.
  • Create internal OSM QA workflows for your organization, including task review and progress metrics.
  • Use the MapRoulette API to automate Challenge maintenance

MapRoulette is an OpenStreetMap U.S. Charter Project.

Using MapRoulette

If you're looking to improve OSM using MapRoulette, you can get started at right away. You can log in to MapRoulette with your existing OSM account. If you don't have an OSM account, you probably want to learn the basics of mapping with OSM first. The best way to do this is to create your very own OSM account, move the map to your home town, and click "Edit" on the OSM web site. The OSM web editor has a built in walk-though that teaches you the basics. Once you have mastered basic OSM editing, you can use your new OSM account to log on to MapRoulette and start finding some easy tasks!

All documentation for MapRoulette is at This site has resources for both mappers and those interested in developing their own MapRoulette Challenges.

Contributing to MapRoulette

There are many different ways to contribute to MapRoulette!


MapRoulette is a core part of OpenStreetMap QA infrastructure, relied upon by thousands of community members, many of whom use MapRoulette daily. Ongoing maintenance and development of MapRoulette is entirely reliant on in-kind and financial support. If you're interested in supporting MapRoulette by making a financial contribution or commit developer resources to the project, please contact OpenStreetMap US by emailing

Connecting with the MapRoulette community