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also clean debug files

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1 parent 0c1a711 commit 92a9d2ecdae122d50115ff89f0ba33059b1db56c @jmckenna jmckenna committed
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@@ -77,14 +77,20 @@ clean:
del apache\*.manifest
del apache\*.exp
del apache\*.lib
+ del apache\*.pdb
+ del apache\*.ilk
del cgi\$(MAPCACHE_FCGI)
del cgi\*.manifest
del cgi\*.exp
del cgi\*.lib
+ del cgi\*.pdb
+ del cgi\*.ilk
del util\$(MAPCACHE_SEED)
del util\*.manifest
del util\*.exp
del util\*.lib
+ del util\*.pdb
+ del util\*.ilk
del *.lib
del *.manifest

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