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MapServer MapScript Modules

Much of MapServer's functionality is accessible from Java, Perl, PHP, Python,
Ruby, C#, and Tcl. MapScript is not a language like JavaScript or Python. It
is a loadable module that brings MapServer capabilities to your favorite high
level programming language.

PHP and SWIG Branches of MapScript

The MapScript family tree looks like this:


/ \
/ \
PHPMapScript \ SWIGMapScript
PHP5/7 +----+-----+----+----+--+----+------------+
| | | | | | | |
Perl Python Ruby Java C# Tcl PHP7 (PHPNG) ...

The SWIGMapScript modules are generated by `SWIG <>`_.
The PHPMapScript module is developed using the PHP C API without using SWIG.
PHP users therefore have a choice of using the SWIG generated module or the
custom written PHP module.


Source code, detailed installation instructions are located in the ``mapscript/php``
folder. Documentation can be found in the `PHP MapScript Documentation <>`_

SWIG MapScript

Installation instructions are located in the individual languages
directories such as ``mapscript/perl``, ``mapscript/python``.

The main MapScript SWIG interface file is ``mapscript/mapscript.i``. This
file includes specific class interface files from ``mapscript/swiginc`` and
language specific code from the language directories.

Note the **v8** folder contains files for `V8 MapScript Support <>`_.
This is not a JavaScript version of MapScript, but provides support for the use of JavaScript
in `STYLEITEM <>`_ and

API Documentation can be found at the `Shared SWIG MapScript Documentation <>`_

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