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fix brackets (#5692)

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tomkralidis committed Oct 30, 2018
1 parent c95be7d commit 8765e135e9658cd989603e5c81283ffee3faf681
Showing with 2 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +2 −1 mapmetadata.c
@@ -455,10 +455,11 @@ xmlNodePtr _msMetadataGetContact(xmlNsPtr namespace, char *contact_element, mapO
xmlAddChild(psCIAddressNode, _msMetadataGetCharacterString(namespace, "electronicMailAddress", value));

value = (char *)msOWSLookupMetadata(&(map->web.metadata), "MCFO", "onlineresource");
if (value)
if (value) {
psORNode = xmlNewChild(psCINode2, namespace, BAD_CAST "onlineResource", NULL);
psORNode2 = xmlNewChild(psORNode, namespace, BAD_CAST "CI_OnlineResource", NULL);
xmlAddChild(psORNode2, _msMetadataGetURL(namespace, "linkage", value));

xmlAddChild(psCNode, _msMetadataGetCodeList(namespace, "role", "CI_RoleCode", "pointOfContact"));

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