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Unix compilation instructions
-See README.CONFIGURE or the document on the MapServer website at
+See INSTALL.CMAKE or the document on the MapServer website at
Win32 compilation instructions
@@ -0,0 +1,172 @@
+CMake Build Instructions
+Since version 6.4, MapServer is built with the CMake build tool instead of the
+previous autotools chain. CMake is opensource and free of charge and is usually
+included in distribution packages, or can be downloaded and compiled with no
+third party dependencies.
+CMake itself does not do the actual compiling of the MapServer source code, it
+mainly creates platform specific build files that can then be used by standard
+build utilities (make on unixes, visual studio on windows, xcode on osx, etc...)
+Install CMake
+MapServer requires at least CMake version 2.6.0, although the build process with
+such an old version has not been thouroughly tested. 2.8.0 and above are
+Distro Packaged Version
+Linux distributions usually include the cmake package, that can be installed
+with your usual package manager: apt-get, yum, yast, etc...
+Installing Your Own
+Head over to to download
+a source tarball (for unixes) or a binary installer (for windows).
+If you are building from source, the build process is detailed in the tarball
+readme files, and consists only in
+ $ tar xzf cmake-x.y.z.tar.gz
+ $ cd cmake-x.y.z
+ $ ./bootstrap
+ $ make
+ # make install
+Creating the MapServer platform specific project with CMake
+Although you can run and build from MapServer's source directory as created
+by downloading a tarball or using a git clone, it is **highly** recommended
+to run "out-of-source" builds, i.e. having all build files be compiled and
+created in a different directory than the actual MapServer sources. This allows
+to have different configurations running alongside each other (e.g. release and
+debug builds, cross-compiling, enabled features, etc...).
+Running CMake From the Command Line
+mkdir build
+cd build
+cmake ..
+## fix dependency issues
+Running the GUI version of cmake
+CMake can be run in graphical mode, in which case the list of available options
+are presented in a more user-friendly manner
+mkdir build
+cd build
+ccmake ..
+## follow instructions, fix dependency issues
+Options and Dependencies
+Depending on what packages are available in the default locations of your system,
+the previous "cmake .." step will most probably have failed with messages indicating
+missing dependencies (by default, MapServer has *many* of those). The error message
+that CMake prints out should give you a rather good idea of what steps you should take
+next, depending on wether the failed dependency is a feature you require in your build
+or not.
+- Either disable the dependency by rerunning cmake with -DWITH_DEPENDENCY=0, e.g.
+ $ cmake .. -DWITH_CAIRO=0
+- Or, if the failed dependency relates to a feature you want built in, and that cmake has
+ not been able to find it's installation location, there are 3 possible reasons:
+ 1 You have not installed the third party package, and/or the third party development
+ headers. Use your standard package manager to install the failing package, along
+ with it's development headers. The development packages on linux usually end with
+ "-dev" or "-devel", e.g. libcairo2-devel , libpng-dev, etc...
+ $ (sudo) apt-get install libcairo-dev
+ $ cmake ..
+ 2 You have installed the third party package in a non standard location, which you
+ must give to cmake so it can find the required headers and libraries
+ $ cmake .. -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/opt/cairo-1.18.2
+ Cmake expects these nonstandard prefixes to contain standard subdirectories, i.e.
+ /opt/cairo-1.18.2/include/cairo.h and /opt/cairo-1.18.2/lib/
+ You can specify multiple prefixes on the cmake command line by separating them with
+ a semi-colon, e.g.
+ $ cmake .. -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/opt/cairo-1.18.2;/opt/freeware
+ 3 If you're certain that the packages development headers are installed, and/or that
+ you pointed to a valid installation prefix, but cmake is still failing, then there's
+ an issue with MapServer's cmake setup, and you can bring this up on the
+ mailing list or issue tracker.
+Available Options
+Following is a list of option, taken from MapServer's CMakeLists.txt configuration file.
+After the description of the option, the ON/OFF flag states if the option is enabled by
+default (in which case the cmake step will fail if the dependency cannot be found). All
+of these can be enabled or disabled by passing "-DWITH_XXX=0" or "-DWITH_XXX=1" to the
+"cmake .." invocation in order to override a default selection.
+ - option(WITH_PROJ "Choose if reprojection support should be built in" ON)
+ - option(WITH_KML "Enable native KML output support (requires libxml2 support)" OFF)
+ - option(WITH_SOS "Enable SOS Server support (requires PROJ and libxml2 support)" OFF)
+ - option(WITH_WMS "Enable WMS Server support (requires proj support)" ON)
+ - option(WITH_GD "Choose if (old) GD support should be built in" OFF)
+ - option(WITH_FRIBIDI "Choose if FriBidi glyph shaping support should be built in (usefull for left-to-right languages)" ON)
+ - option(WITH_ICONV "Choose if Iconv Internationalization support should be built in" ON)
+ - option(WITH_CAIRO "Choose if CAIRO rendering support should be built in (required for SVG and PDF output)" ON)
+ - option(WITH_MYSQL "Choose if MYSQL joining support should be built in" OFF)
+ - option(WITH_FCGI "Choose if FastCGI support should be built in" ON)
+ - option(WITH_GEOS "Choose if GEOS geometry operations support should be built in" ON)
+ - option(WITH_POSTGIS "Choose if Postgis input support should be built in" ON)
+ - option(WITH_GDAL "Choose if GDAL input raster support should be built in" ON)
+ - option(WITH_OGR "Choose if OGR/GDAL input vector support should be built in" ON)
+ - option(WITH_CLIENT_WMS "Enable Client WMS Layer support (requires CURL and GDAL support)" OFF)
+ - option(WITH_CLIENT_WFS "Enable Client WMS Layer support (requires CURL and OGR support)" OFF)
+ - option(WITH_WFS "Enable WFS Server support (requires PROJ and OGR support)" ON)
+ - option(WITH_WCS "Enable WCS Server support (requires PROJ and GDAL support)" ON)
+ - option(WITH_LIBXML2 "Choose if libxml2 support should be built in (used for sos, wcs 1.1,2.0 and wfs 1.1)" ON)
+ - option(WITH_THREADS "Choose if a thread-safe version of libmapserver should be built (only recommended for some mapscripts)" OFF)
+ - option(WITH_GIF "Enable GIF support (for PIXMAP loading)" ON)
+ - option(WITH_PYTHON "Enable Python mapscript support" OFF)
+ - option(WITH_PHP "Enable Python mapscript support" OFF)
+ - option(WITH_PERL "Enable Perl mapscript support" OFF)
+ - option(WITH_RUBY "Enable Ruby mapscript support" OFF)
+ - option(WITH_JAVA "Enable Java mapscript support" OFF)
+ - option(WITH_CSHARP "Enable C# mapscript support" OFF)
+ - option(WITH_POINT_Z_M "include Z and M coordinates in point structure (advanced, not recommended)" OFF)
+ - option(WITH_ORACLESPATIAL "include oracle spatial database input support" OFF)
+ - option(WITH_ORACLE_PLUGIN "include oracle spatial database input support as plugin" OFF)
+ - option(WITH_MSSQL2008 "include mssql 2008 database input support as plugin" OFF)
+ - option(WITH_SDE91 "include ArcSDE version 9.1 support (must specify SDE_INCLUDE_DIR and SDE_LIBRARY_DIR)" OFF)
+ - option(WITH_SDE92 "include ArcSDE version 9.2 support (must specify SDE_INCLUDE_DIR and SDE_LIBRARY_DIR)" OFF)
+ - option(WITH_EXEMPI "include xmp output metadata support" OFF)
+ - option(WITH_XMLMAPFILE "include native xml mapfile support (requires libxslt/libexslt)" OFF)
+The following options are for advanced users, i.e. you should not enable them unless
+you know what you are doing:
+ - option(BUILD_STATIC "Also build a static version of mapserver" OFF)
+ - option(LINK_STATIC_LIBMAPSERVER "Link to static version of libmapserver (also for mapscripts)" OFF)
+ - option(WITH_FLEX_BISON "Regenerate parser" OFF)
+ - option(WITH_APACHE_MODULE "include (experimental) support for apache module" OFF)
+ - option(WITH_GENERIC_NINT "generic rounding" OFF)
+The following are some common CMake options not specific to MapServer itself:
+ - CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH : semi-colon separted list of prefixes where dependencies will be looked for, e.g.
+ "-DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/opt/freeware;/opt/jdk-1.5.6"
+ - CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE : Specify the build type. Usually one of 'Debug' or 'Release', e.g.
@@ -98,8 +98,9 @@ find_library(GDAL_LIBRARY

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