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Reporter: dmorissette
Date: 2008/06/04 - 21:02
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HTML legend image samples for layers using a thick line symbology appear as if they are truncated by a few pixels. Probably the code generating the line sample needs to be modified to take the line width into account. I'll attach a sample showing the problem.


Author: sdlime
Date: 2008/06/25 - 08:46
One looks like AGG output and the from GD. True? Do you have that map snippet handy? At any rate this won't get handled until 5.4 or perhaps 5.2.1 when that exists.



Author: aboudreault
Date: 2009/12/07 - 18:03
Fixed and committed in f052212 (r9588).


attachment :

   Sample truncated legend icons showing the problem
@dmorissette dmorissette was assigned Apr 5, 2012
@mkofahl mkofahl pushed a commit to faegi/mapserver that referenced this issue Apr 9, 2013
@szekerest szekerest Fix offset calculation for line legend icons (#2636) ef87d86
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