Disable insecure mapserv CGI command-line debug args #3485

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Reporter: dmorissette
Date: 2010/07/08 - 22:01
Trac URL: http://trac.osgeo.org/mapserver/ticket/3485
As part of a security audit of MapServer 5.6 it was found that some of the mapserv CGI command-line debug arguments constitute a security risk that could potentially be exploited.

I will not disclose any of the details here, but we should take actions to avoid command-line args in CGI programs.

This will not affect functionality for regular mapserv CGI users... only for developers that used those command-line args to debug and test the software.

Author: dmorissette
Date: 2010/07/08 - 22:51
To create the smallest possible amount of disruption in point releases, for 5.6.4 we will simply disable all mapserv command-line debug args by default, except for "-v" which is useful to get mapserv version on an installed system, as well as "-nh" and "QUERY_STRING=..." which carry little risk and/or are used by msautotests and in some docs.

We should revisit this in MapServer 6.0 and possibly find a better mechanism to handle these debugging hooks that do not involve command-line args.

The disabled code will be enclosed inside #ifdef MS_ENABLE_CGI_CL_DEBUG_ARGS. This means that -DMS_ENABLE_CGI_CL_DEBUG_ARGS must be explicitly set at compile time to re-enable those debug args (by devs who know what they are doing and understand the security implications). A --enable-cgi-cl-debug-args option will also be added to the configure script to facilitate setting this flag. Once again, this flag enables some potentially insecure command-line args and should not be enabled on production servers or by people who do not understand the security implications.

Fix for this committed in SVN branch-5-6 4f87620 (r10306) (will be in 5.6.4)

I will also backport the fix to older releases.

Author: dmorissette
Date: 2010/07/08 - 23:22
Backported fix to SVN branch-5-4 (0743231 (r10314)), branch-5-2 (b4a3372 (r10315)), branch-5-0 (b5eae87 (r10316)) and branch-4-10 (0b19156 (r10317)).

Also created ticket #3486 about defining a better debugging/testing mechanism for developers to use at the command line in MapServer 6.0


Author: dmorissette
Date: 2010/07/08 - 23:30
Applied fix to SVN trunk 798d778 (r10319)

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