Add proxy and auth support for CONNECTIONTYPE WFS #3982

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Reporter: dmorissette
Date: 2011/08/10 - 05:42
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WFS client layers are missing support for proxy and auth support.

Ticket #571 introduced support for proxy for WMS client layers inmsPrepareWMSLayerRequest(), but the same has not been done for WFS client layers in msPrepareWFSLayerRequest().

BTW, instead of just copying and pasting the proxy and auth code from mapwmslayer.c to mapwfslayer.c, we should really move it to a shared function.


Author: dmorissette
Date: 2011/08/10 - 05:45
I attached an untested patch which is really just a port of the WMS proxy and auth handling code to mapwfslayer.c.

As I wrote above, the final fix for this should move this code to a generic function that will be called by both the WMS and WFS code.


attachment :

   Untested patch - just a lazy copy of the WMS code
@dmorissette dmorissette was assigned Apr 5, 2012
@landryb landryb added a commit to landryb/mapserver that referenced this issue Jul 15, 2013
@landryb landryb Add proxy and auth support to wfs client (#3982)
Copied & adapted from similar code in mapwmslayer.c.

Fix two copy-pasto errors while here, wfs_http_cookie was not
looked up.
@mkofahl mkofahl closed this Jul 24, 2013
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