Confusion non-premultiplied/pre-multiplied with bilinear resampling #4993

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rouault commented Sep 12, 2014

msBilinearRasterResampler() uses msAlphaBlendPM() to do composition.
msAlphaBlendPM() assumes that the source pixel r,g,b,a is alpha pre-multiplied. But currently, a division padfPixelSum[i] /= dfWeightSum (dfWeightSum being the alpha channel) after merging the 4 source pixels make r,g,b effectively un-premultiplied. The result is then integer overflow in saveAsPNG(), because it assumes a pre-multiplied buffer and does un-premultiplication since libpng wants un-premultiplication. This can lead to completely wrong colors in areas where alpha is > 0 and < 255.
The issue is similar with GDAL output, but in msSaveImageGDAL() there's a test to avoid overflow above 255.


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tbonfort Feb 10, 2015


merged with #4994


tbonfort commented Feb 10, 2015

merged with #4994

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